Project Footage can help you manage online management projects

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Most of us have such a complex and diverse life, and it is difficult to track everything. Project Footage is designed to provide help through cloud -based project management services. This service can help you manage projects, collaborate with others, and always be in your personal and professional life.

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The project film was launched at the Spring Demo conference in San Clara, California today. One -person startup company for and funded by home Gandrup.

u0026 ldquo; As the president of a general engineering company, I know the necessity of real -time project sharing, update and collaboration, u0026 rdquo; gandrup (as shown in the figure) in a press release. u0026 ldquo; Through Project Footage, people can share all the assets of the project, from photos and videos to various types of documents and file formats, and can add user reviews and updates. u0026 rdquo;

As you may guess from the name, the project material emphasizes support for video content. Web -based project management tools are built in HTML5 and have HD video player. They can use HTML5 code or Adobe Flash as needed to compatible with various mobile and desktop platforms. However, it is not only suitable for video: customers can also use the tool with images and documents together.

u0026 ldquo; The ability to use videos in project cooperation is very powerful because it helps to verify the site conditions of the operation. u0026 Rdquo; Gandrup said in an email sent to VentureBeat that he refers to his construction business. u0026 ldquo; We later learned that this platform is also very useful for contractors and can be used as an investment portfolio. u0026 rdquo;

The project can be protected by passwords, so they keep private or only invited. However, for those who want to show their projects more openly, they can also be embedded in existing websites.


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