Use Collat eBOX to perform more operations on the electronic table

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For those who live in the electronic watch, CollatingBox launched a simple way to clean the house and improve the efficiency of work today.

Use Collat eBOX to perform more operations on the electronic table_ Information_第1张

u0026 ldquo; You will see any data you see in the electronic table, we will bring it to color ?? eBOX. You have heard of wyswig, this is u0026 ldquo; What you get is the u0026 rdquo; this is a new way for processing data, u0026 ldquo; co -founder Sunny Ghosh on DEMO Spring held in St. Clara, California Say.

COLLAT ?? EBOX dedicated to the business manager dependent on Google Docs or Excel, which allows users Get better perception of the content contained in columns and rows.

Network -based tools are also designed to run perfectly in mobile browsers. It is not an alternative to the electronic meter we know, but to improve productivity.

u0026 ldquo; We are democratizing the data and data lists, u0026 rdquo; ghosh told Venturebeat in an interview. u0026 ldquo; The world's number of business managers continued to face the most basic challenges of organizing data lists or cooperating with other electronic meter data with others. Consider your delivery list, price list, problem or sales list. If you want to act with team members, share and use these data lists without paying less effort and better control, then you will have no choice. This is the land of color ?? eBOX. u0026 ldquo;

This application is Ghosh's brain and co -founder Ralph Vaz, who is the co -founder of Wolf Frameworks. Collat u200bu200b?? EBOX is based on the technology of web development platform, that is, service environment development.

Collat u200bu200b?? EBOX, headquartered in San Jose, was established in 2011 and has raised $ 60,000 seed funds. More than 5,000 people have asked to visit the products just launched.


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