Thanks to AMD competition Intel to finally improve the performance of the CPU more than 100%

Technological frontier (344) 2022-07-23 16:52:29

At the CES exhibition next week, if you do n’t have an accident, Intel will launch the Ten Generation Core desktop COMET LAKE-S series processor and 400-series chipset. What makes people think is that Intel still needs to change the LGA1200 insert in such circumstances groove. However, in terms of good aspects, the ten generations of Core not only upgraded the 10 -core and 20 threads, but also the low -end Core i3 also launched a 4 -core and 8 thread, which benefited more than the high -end.

Thanks to AMD competition Intel to finally improve the performance of the CPU more than 100%_ frontier_第1张

OC3D website also reported this matter. In fact, what they reported was the same as what we reported before. If you just say the content, you don't need to repeat it again. One of their own forms can also clearly see the changes of the ten generations of Core processors from high -end Core i9 to low -end Core i3.

The most interesting of the entire Ten Generation Core processor is not the Core i7/i9 high -end model, but Core i3, because this generation not only upgraded the HT hyper -thread, but also turned into 4C/8T specifications, but also The frequency has also been improved. The weakest chicken Core i3-10100 processor is also 3.6GHz basic frequency, 4.3GHz Trust frequency, and full core 4.1GHz.

This specifications have increased by the current Core i3-9100 processor 4-core 4 threads, basic 3.6GHz, and single-core 4.2GHz. It's right.

OC3D's report is interesting. They pointed out that from 2017 to 2020, Intel finally downgraded the Core i7 processor into Core i3 u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; because the current Core i3- 10100 is similar to the Core i7 of the Kaby Lake series in 2017. The 4 -core 8 thread, the frequency of 4.2GHz.

But don't forget that the huge difference between these two series, the Core i3 is generally within $ 120, the Core i7 series is $ 350, which is the price of 1/3.

Based on such changes, the performance of the Core i3 processor in 2020 compared to the Core i3 processor in 2017, the performance is almost changing. From the previous 2C/4T to 4C/8T, this has already been It is 100%performance improvement, plus changes in frequency (Core i3-7100, but the frequency of 3.9GHz, does not support the frequent frequency), the performance is more 100%more.

So don't say that Intel has not improved the CPU performance in recent years, at least the Core i3 processor has improved at least 100%of the performance in more than 2 years.

If there is no AMD return to high -performance CPU market in 2017, in 2020, everyone may still use the Core i7 processor of the 4 -core 8 thread.


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