Intel CEO forecast: By 2030, the chip will account for more than 20%of the high -end car BOM

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Intel plans to increase chip production and help customers in the automotive industry make full use of cutting -edge chips to achieve modernization.

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u0026 middot; Intel CEO Pat u0026 Middot; Kissinger predicts that by 2030, u0026 ldquo; Digitalization u0026 rdquo; The proportion of chips in the new high -end automotive material list (BOM) accounted for more than 20%, which will increase by 5 times more than 4%in 2019.

u0026 middot; By 2030, the overall market size (TAM) growth of automobile chips will double to $ 115 billion u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; accounting for about 11%of the entire chip market.

u0026 middot; In order to meet the growing demand, Intel plans to establish a new chip manufacturing plant in Europe. In addition to the foundry capacity promised by its Irish factory, it will also launch u0026 ldquo; Intel Dai; IntelFoundry Services Accelerator u0026 rdquo; to help foundry customers transition to the car design to advanced processing processes.

u0026 middot; Intel son Mobileye disclosed the mass production autonomous vehicle (AV) equipped with the mobile driving system Mobileye Drive u0026 Trade; show its progress in achieving complete autonomous driving. This is the first public display of commercial autonomous vehicles (AV).

u0026 middot; Mobileye and SIXT SE headquartered in Munich jointly announced that the two parties planned to launch autonomous taxi services in Germany in 2022.

On September 7, 2021, Munich, Germany, Pat Gelsinger, Pat Gelsinger, Pat Gelsinger, the first time since I was in charge of Intel in February this year. Live speech. Kissinger predicted in his speech that by 2030, the chip will account for more than 20%of the high -end automotive material list (BOM), an increase of 5 times from 4%in 2019. At the same time, the global industries in various industries will continue to grow. Essence Kissinger predicts that by 2030, the overall market size of automobile chips will double to double to $ 115 billion, accounting for about 11%of the entire chip market. And the driving force behind this trend is Kissinger's u0026 ldquo; Digitalization u0026 rdquo; and the four super technical forces u0026 mdash; u0026 mdaSH; omnipipative calculations, ubiquitous connections, infrastructure from cloud to edge, and artificial intelligence u0026 mdash; they are penetrating all aspects of the car and travel industry.

Intel CEO Pat u0026 Middot; Kissinger delivered a keynote speech at the German International Automobile and Smart Travel Expo in 2021

Kissinger said that the current real environment is complex for Intel Challenge is also a huge opportunity, and it is the best time to start. Kissinger mentioned: u0026 ldquo; The new era of chip demand continues to grow requires bolder and pattern ways of thinking. As Intel CEO, I am fortunate to be able to take charge of a company with 116,000 vibrant talents and a huge chip design and manufacturing ecosystem to meet the continuous demand of the chip in the automotive industry. u0026 rdquo;

Intel's investment in Europe

In order The semiconductor factory, and the investment plan for the next ten years is expected to reach 80 billion euros. In addition, Kissinger also introduced the basic information of the company's previously announced IDM 2.0 strategy, and shared how these plans will support the EU's cars and travel industries.

With the help of Intel OEMs (IFS) announced in March this year, Intel is actively negotiating with European potential customers including automobile companies and its suppliers. Nowadays, most car chips still use traditional process technology, and as the degree of dependence of automotive applications on higher processing performance has deepened, the chip has also begun to turn to more advanced process technology. Intel is working with leading auto manufacturers and promises to invest a lot of resources in Europe to help the automotive industry's transformation and upgrading worldwide in the next few years. In addition to the announcement of the foundry capacity plan used to realize the previously promised foundry production capacity of the Irish wafer plant, Intel also announced today that the Intel Foundry Services Accelerator program is to help the car chip design company accelerate the transition to advanced process technology Essence To this end, Intel is setting up a new design team, and provides customized and industry standard intellectual property (IP) authorization to support the customized needs of car customers.

Mobileye: Opening the garage, galloping on the road
In order to emphasize Intel's commitment to the prospects of autonomous driving, Kissinger connects the CEO of Intel Mobileye through a video. Official AMNON Shashua. Professor Shashua summarized and introduced the relevant situation of the Mobileye auxiliary driving and autonomous driving schemes, explaining the purpose of realizing autonomous driving at all levelsLarge -scale and safe sensing configuration. Professor Shashua said that Mobileye has the same dream as Intel, that is: u0026 ldquo; let everyone enjoy the convenience brought by automation at any time, and to lead the industry's progress to help the solution that helps to realize these dreams.

The solution of Mobileye covers a series of different sensor configurations, which can meet the needs of different scenes from auxiliary driving to autonomous driving.

The audience also witnessed the unveiling ceremony of MOBILEYE DRIVE u0026 Trade; the self -driving system and using the MOOVITAV service brand to unveiling the unveiling ceremony. Professor amnonshashua, the senior vice president of Intel and the president and CEO of Intel Son, said: u0026 ldquo; bringing autonomous cars to consumers, Mobileye is full of enthusiasm. With the help of the new Mobileye self -driving car launched by MOOVITAV services, it will be an important milestone to our self -driving world. u0026 rdquo;

At the IAA site, Mobileye first displayed mass production models for autonomous driving online car delivery services. The model will use the MOOVITAV travel service brand for operation. With the help of cooperation with SIXT Group headquarters in Munich, this service is expected to be launched in Germany in 2022. At that time, consumers can experience the online ride -hailing service of Mobileye Drive u0026 Trade; full -stack autonomous driving system models.

In the speech at the scene of Munich, Kissinger also specifically emphasized the status of Germany's pioneers in autonomous vehicles supervision, and quoted the allowable autonomous cars to be allowed to carry out commercial operations earlier this year. Related legal provisions. With the support of the new regulations, Mobileye will cooperate with SIXT SE, headquartered in Munich in 2022 to put autonomous taxis into operation. Intel and Mobileye believes that as long as the appropriate regulatory framework is implemented, the autonomous car industry will rise quickly as dragons, and Germany's actions also provide strong models for other countries, enabling the entire industry to be fully autonomous driving. Step in.

The formulation of the safety standard for IEEE autonomous vehicles has entered the final stage

Jack Weast, Academician and Mobileye of Intel and Mobileye, discussed on the stage The recently completed IEEE 2846 draft u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; This is the first to solve u0026 ldquo; how safe is it safe enough? u0026 rDquo; This problem is expected to be approved at the end of the year.Jackweast introduced that IEEE 2846 is a security standard created based on the MOBILEYE responsibility sensitive safety model (RSS). The RSS model officially stipulates the various reasonable and reasonable, which requires balance between humans and autonomous driving cars to seek balance and needs to make a balance.Foresessly assumptions.Jackweast said: u0026 ldquo; IEEE 2846 will provide the necessary tools for regulatory agencies to help autonomous cars truly galloping freely around the world.u0026 rdquo;

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