The brewing method of green tea tea

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The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第1张 The brewing method of green tea leaf introduces in detail the three elements that describe the techniques of green tea bubbles, the method of bubbles of West Lake Longjing Green Tea, the method of bubbles of Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea, the method of Bailuochun Green Tea, the soaking method of Xinyang Maojian Green Tea, The bubble method of Anji White Tea Green Tea, Liu'an Gourd Green Tea Bubble Method, Four steps to teach you brewing all hair, Taiping monkey green tea brewing method, how to brew Rizhao Green Tea, the brewing method of Laoshan Green Tea, Lushan Cloud Green Tea The brewing steps, the technique of making bamboo leaf green tea, and the brewing method of Yongchuan Xiuya Green Tea. Catalog 1 True three elements of green tea bubble techniques 2 West Lake Longjing Green Tea Method 3 Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea Method 4 Bi Luo Chun Green Tea Method 5 Xinyang Maojian Green Tea Method 6 Anji White Tea Green Tea Four steps of bubble method 8 teach you brewing Duyong Maojian 9 Taiping Monkey Kui Green Tea brewing method 10 How to brew Rizhao Green Tea 11 Laoshan Green Tea brewing method 12 Lushan cloud fog green tea. The brewing method of bud green tea tells the three elements of green tea bubble techniques ?? In life, peopleThe brewing of tea is relatively simple, and there is no method of brewing tea. Green tea is a kind of tea, and many of them are drinking it in daily life. Then, the three elements of green tea brewing techniques can be understood by the three elements of green tea brewing techniques.

The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第2张

?? Green tea bubble techniques include three elements, the first is the amount of tea, the second is the water temperature of tea, and the third is brewing time.

? 1. The amount of tea

?? To make a cup of green tea, first master the amount of tea, the amount of tea is not uniform, mainly based on the tea set and the tea drinker The hobby depends on the proportion of tea and water. The tea is more water and less water.

? 2. Tea temperature

? Professional tea drinking people are very particular about the temperature of tea and water. If it is a high -grade green tea, especially the delicate tender tea of u200bu200bvarious buds and leaves, it cannot be brewed with boiling water at 100 ° C. Generally, the green tea can be soaked with the fragrance of green tea with warm water.

? 3, brewing time and number of times

?? The time and number of green tea brewing time, the difference is very different. Bubble 1 minute and 15 seconds, the third bubble 2 minutes and 15 seconds, the fourth bubble 2 minutes and 15 seconds, that is, the brewing time is gradually increased from the second bubble, so that the concentration of the tea soup is relatively uniform, and it is usually brewed 3 times 3 times It is appropriate.

The ancient people of the West Lake Longjing Green Tea "Tea is holy", so the tea people need a holy heart. "The new fragrance of tea is thinner, and Ding Xiao cooks particularly good. Use such a beautiful poem to share the tea tasting. It can be seen that tea tasting must be a quiet and happy thing. It is difficult for those who are frivolous to truly appreciate the fun of tea tasting, and the charm and true meaning of tea, which also loses the meaning of tea tasting.

Only the correct drinking method can exert the fresh alcohol flavor of the tea. The soaking method of West Lake Longjing is simple and less procedures. It takes a few minutes to enjoy the excellent deliciousness of West Lake Longjing. How simple is the simple bubble method of West Lake Longjing? Please follow the editor.

The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第3张
?? West Lake Longjing simple brewing method:
?? 1. West Lake Longjing brewed water temperature: 85-95 ° C boiling water (if you do n’t use it, you do n’t use it. Before brewing, it is best to cool the soup, that is, put it in a water storage pot and brew it at a moment)
?? 2. West Lake Longjing brew the tea amount : 3g/cup (or depending on personal taste)

? 3, West Lake Longjing brewed water selection: pure water or mountain spring water(Mineral water is very good. Her boiling will reduce the oxygen content in the water and affect the taste of tea soup).

?? 4. Bubble equipment: Both ceramic and glass tea sets are available.

?? 5. Use boiling water to pass the cup, pour out the water, and then put the tea, then pour one fifth of the water, soak, shake the incense for about 30 seconds, and then use the hanging pot high rinse method to record seven points. After full water, you can drink after 35 seconds.

The bubble method of West Lake Longjing is mainly divided into five steps. Each operation is simple and meaningful. According to this simple bubble method, the West Lake Longjing mouth is fresh and smooth. Students who love to drink West Lake Longjing may wish to learn it. In just a few minutes, they can enjoy the deliciousness. Presumably many people will not refuse.

The bubble method of Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea ?? Huangshan Maofeng is mainly distributed in the Yunu Temple, Songgu Temple, Suspension Bridge, Ciguang Pavilion and Ban Temple in Yungu Temple in Taohua Peak in Huangshan, Anhui. Today, I will tell you about Huangshan Maofeng's bubble method. Let ’s take a look together.

Huangshan Maofeng's collection is very fine. Maofeng tea made with fine flat tunes, like a tongue, fragrant like white orchids, and mellow. The mountains here are high, the sun is short, the sun is short, the clouds and mist are many, and the natural conditions are very superior. The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第4张
?? 1. Take the cup warm (glass, cover cup or white porcelain cup). Warm tea cup with hot water, that is, you can clean the tea and increase the temperature of the tea cup. The hot water will turn around the cup 2 laps, fully moisturize the cup, and pour the water in the quilt.

? 2. Use the China investment method, add 1/4 of the water to the cup, put it into tea, take a minute or so, take the cup to gently shake the cup body, make the tea soup uniform, accelerate the tea and water and water Full integration (it seems that there are tea friends called it "bubble", I am forgiven)! At this time, you should be able to see the golden wire and ivory yellow! Note!

? 3, add water to add water It is best to use a high bubbling method to rush down to let the tea turn in the cup and promote the tea soup evenly.

?? 4. Next you can taste your Huangshan Maofeng! Is the soup clear and bright; the aroma is fresh and high; Let you not let go of the cup!

The above is the content prepared by the editor for everyone. I hope that through the explanation of the editor Many tea friends still have a certain understanding of Huangshan Maofeng's soaking method.

The bubble method of Biluochun Green Tea tells about the method of bubbles of Biluochun Tea. For Biluochun Tea, it is believed that people are not unfamiliar with Biluochun. It belongs to a kind of green tea, and it belongs to Youcha and famous tea. Because tea culture and people know more about it, in tea artIn the demonstration, Biluochun is often the first choice. Then, the method of bubbling in Biluochun Tea here makes a detailed understanding here.

?? Tell the method of bubbles of Biluochun Tea -a complete set of Biluochun tea art display, divided into several parts, the following introduction: The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第5张
?? 1. Bathing cup. That is, the hot water in the teapot is infiltrated with the tea cup by rotating water to achieve the effect of improving the temperature of the tea cup. This step can make tea full of aroma.

? 2. Bi snail debut. We know that Biluochun's mainly produced in Wu County, Jiangsu, which is mainly produced by its own country. There are four praises. These four must include: beautiful, beautiful, fragrant, mellow. And this step is to appear on Biluo, enjoy tea and beauty.

?? Three, Fe Che Ganlin. This step is to hold the bottom of the cup of the cup with the left hand, take the cup in the right hand, and after the cup is full of hot water, from left to right, from the bottom of the cup to the mouth of the cup, the whole tea cup is hot. Water infiltration. After such a tea cup, you can better appreciate the appearance of Biluochun and the beauty of soup.

Four, the rain rises autumn pond. The name of this step is inspired by the poem of "Bashan Ye Raining Autumn Pond". That is, it is better to get seven points to the water.

Five, flying snow flutter. Biluochun's brewing adopts a unique investment method. When brewing, Biluochun in the teaspoon of tea lotus, and dial it to a cup that has been annotated seven. This action makes Biluochun, which is full of silver white hidden green, floating into the cup, and Biluochun sinks down after absorbing moisture. The origin of flutter.

The above is the brewing of Biluochun. After that, it will be tasting. Only after completing the tasting, it is really the tea brewing of Biluochun.

6. Pleasant incense. The tasting person first holds the cup to smell the tea. Biluochun's tea fragrance is elegant, and it also has a natural flower flavor and fruit flavor, which is very refreshing and pleasant.

7. Appreciation of tea soup. After smelling Biluochun's tea fragrance, you can see the soup of the tea soup. Biluochun's soup is clear and clear.

?? After the real understanding of Biluochun tea, pay attention to the slow product when drinking. In the first bite of Biluochun, I feel fragrant and elegant; and I feel that the tea soup is green, the tea is strong, and the taste is springy. The atmosphere of spring is full of life. (Editor: chenyu)

We will all drink the soaking method of Xinyang Maojian Green Tea, but we must brew a pot of good pots of Xinyang Maojian tea. Where, sometimes the quality of the same tea, the taste of the tea leaves made by the two brewing methods is different,So what to do with the soaking method of Xinyang Maojian, what is the key? The following is a detailed introduction to the soaking method of Xinyang Maojian.

Xinyang Maojian is one of the famous historical tea in my country. When brewing, the aroma is strong. When you are tasting, you are refreshing, and then you return to Gan. Xinyang Maojian has a different brewing method according to the grade. The high -quality Xinyang Maojian is bitter, and it is resistant to foaming. Generally, 3 to 5 are still thicker cooked fruit fragrance, and the inferior hair tip is soaked at most 2. Second-rate. Xinyang Mao tip is fresh mellow, and the amount of tea can be 1:50. The water temperature is 85 ° C, and the soaking time is 3 to 5 minutes. Here are the special Xinyang Maojian (that is, the percentage of the first exhibition of one bud and one leaf account for more than 85%), which uses the investment method. Xinyang Mao tip at other levels should be submitted (that is, first cast tea, and then flush water).

The brewing procedure of Maojian Xinyang Maojian: The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第6张 1, tea appreciation: tight, round, light, straight, white chamle, peaks, there are peaks, there are peaks, there are peaks, there are peaks, there are peaks, there are peaks Seedlings, colorful green, oily and smooth.

2. Hot cup: Use the hot water in the pot to pour water pouring the water to the tea cup to increase the temperature of the tea cup.

3. Water injection: The water injection to the cup body is seven full, and the temperature of the water should be about 90 degrees Celsius when water injection. Water is the best for mountain spring water, followed by rivers or streams, and then pure water, the most taboo water.

4. Tea: Special -grade Xinyang Maojian adopts the investment method. Use a teaspoon to evenly dial the Xinyang Maojian in the tea lotus to the glass.

5. Static: Waiting for tea to absorb water and sink slowly (soaking time for 3 to 5 minutes).

6. Tea tasting: The internal aroma of the internal tea tip of Xinyang is high, there are cooked chestnut fragrance, the soup is bright green, the taste is fresh, and the bottom of the leaf is tender and green. How to brew Xinyang Maojian? As long as the amount of tea, the water temperature of the tea, and the time of brewing the tea can be made properly, you can brew a pot of good tea.

Through the above content, we know the soaking method of the fabricity of Xinyang Maojian, want to drink a good cup of Xinyang Maojian, return home and use the above method to make the soaking method of Xinyang Maojian. Is it different from the previous methods? I believe you must have more gains.

The bubble method of Anji White Tea and Green Tea? Anji white tea color, fragrance, taste, and shape is good. During the brewing process, you must master certain skills to enable the drinks to fully appreciate Anji white tea -shaped like phoenix feathers, leaves, leaves, and leaves. Jade and white, green stems, fresh and sweet visual and taste enjoyment. Today, I will tell you about the bubble method of Anji white tea. Let ’s take a look together.

?? Preparation before brewing Anji White Tea
The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第7张 ?? 1. Tea chosen: To choose one bud and two leaves first exhibition, dry tea, green and fresh life Slightly golden yellow, aromaHigh and fresh, beautiful and uniform high -quality Anji white tea.

?? 2. Use tea to brew Anji Bai Tea to choose from Huangpu River source water is the best choice. Because the raw materials of Anji White Tea are delicate and the leaves are thinner, the water temperature should not be too high when brewing. Generally, it is advisable to master it at 80-85 ° C.

?? 3. Tea set: brew Anji white tea with transparent glass or transparent glass cover. Through the glass, you can enjoy the incentives of Anji White Tea in the water, taste it, smell its fragrance, and look at the unique character of his leaf Bai veins. In addition to brewing cups, it is also necessary for brewing Anji white tea: glass punching kettle, water bottle, bamboo -made tea tray, tea tray, tea lotus, teaspoon, tea branches, tea towels and white porcelain drift plates and other appliances.

The brewing of Anji White Tea

?? 1. Preparation: Breeding Anji White Tea to the performance table one by one.

?? 2. Prepare water: Pour boiling water in the glass pot for later use.

?? 3. Watch the water: Take the source of the Huangpu River, rush high in the water bottle, and then insert white tea and fresh leaves. The spring water is clear, and the branches float in the water.

?? 4. Appreciation of fresh leaves: Anji white tea fresh leaves are shaped like orchids, leaf meat jade white, leaf veins are green, and fresh wants to come out.

?? 5. Warm cup: Pour a little boiling water in the tea cup. Miss Tea Art holds the cup with both hands.

?? 6. Set tea: Use a teaspoon to take Anji white tea a little in the tea lotus, and then put about 3 grams of white tea into each cup.

?? 7. Winning: Rush the flush kettle and rush the water along the cup wall. The amount of water is about a quarter of the cup. The purpose is to infiltrate the tea to make it initially.

?? 8. Tea Yaoxiang: Left -handed cup bottom, right hand to support the cup, gently rotate the tea cup clockwise, so that the tea leaves further absorb water, and the aroma is fully exerted. The incense is about 0.5 minutes.

?? 9. Breeding: When brewing, use a rotary water injection method. You can appreciate the rotation of tea in the cup and the amount of water should be controlled to control two -thirds of the cup. After brewing, put it quietly for 2 minutes.

?? 10. Feng Tea: Use a tea tray to send the newly cooked Anji white tea to the presence.

?? 11. Tea: Drink Anji Bai Tea first smelling the incense, and then watch the soup and the cups and the cup. Make fragrance.

?? 12. Observation bottom: Anji white tea is different from other tea. In addition to its fresh mellow and elegant aroma, the transparentness of Ye Zhang and the emerald green of the stem veins are its unique features. Watching the leaf bottom can see the beautiful posture of brewed tea in the drifting plate.

?? 13. Receive: After the guests are giving tea, they will leave in time, and the guest will be sent to the guestsdo not.

The above is the content prepared by the editor for everyone. I hope that through the explanation of the editor, I can provide good suggestions for the tea friends in need. I believe that through the reading of this article, many tea friends are still right. Anji white tea has a certain understanding.

Liu'an Gua Milk Green Tea Bubbles ?? Liu'an Gua Milk is also called Gua tablets. It is a famous tea in Anwei Province and is also listed in the top ten famous tea in China. Liu'an Gourd Foam Method is easy to get started. The production production is quite complicated. After the production, the magic shape is exactly like melon seeds, and the size is uniform. There are many ways to bubble in Liu'an Gua, and each tea enthusiast has its own unique Liu'an gourd sliced u200bu200bbubble method. Before making tea, we have to prepare: tea sets, tea, and tea are not sloppy. So how should Liu'an Gua tablets be brewed? Let ’s take a look at the bubble method of Liu'an Gua Magmist.

The brewing method of Liu'an melon tablets

When brewing Liu'an Gua tablets, we can adopt one of the upper investment method, the bidding method or the lower method. Before brewing, pour water in the tea cup to warm the cup, and then start brewing. When adopting the investment method, put the water before putting the tea, cover the cup lid, so that the tea leaves slowly stretch, and the fragrance can be drifted. When the China investment method, put a little water in the cup, then put it in the tea, shake the tea water, shake the tea water , Slowly expand the tea, and then fill the water, but it is not too full; the lower method is to put the tea in the cup first, then pour the boiling water to make the tea roll, and the tea absorbs the fragrant water.

?? The main point of the Liu'an Gua Melon Tablets
The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第8张 ?? 1. The water temperature of brewed tea. The water temperature for brewing Liu'an Gua tablets is best to use boiling water about eighty -five degrees. Because the temperature of this temperature can keep the brewed tea after the green soup color.

? 2. Tea and tea set. Grape wine luminous cup. Soaking a pot of Liu'an melon tablets also need to choose a suitable tea set. Generally, you can choose a glass. Because the glass also has the value of viewing.

? 3. Drink tea heart quiet. Drinking tea also depends on the quietness of its heart. If the heart is impetuous, drinking high -quality tea is like ordinary tea. Tea not only has health care, but also the art of drinking.

Drinking prompts of Liu'an Gua tablets

? Regardless of the kind of bubble method in the above method, the temperature of the boiling water brewed by Liu'an Gua tablet should be strictly controlled at 80 ° C. Too low temperature is not conducive to completely dissolving and expanding the tea, and the taste is naturally not strong enough. The temperature of tea is too high, and the nutritional components in the tea will be lost. Tea is really learning.

Four steps teach you brewing all the fur ?? In addition to drinking tea in order to get the nutritional elements in the tea and the taste of the taste, it is also to experience the fun and elegance brought by the tea drinking. If you drink tea often, you may know that Duyongjian tea, so do you know the brewing method of Duyongjian tea? Let us let usLearn about the brewing process of Duyong Majian Tea.

Most of the Maojiao Tea is rich in organic ingredients such as zinc and selenium. There is no industrial pollution in the tea production area. Tea.

?? 1) After the cup is hot, take tea into the cup. At this time, the higher cup temperature has been baked out of tea.
The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第9张 ?? 2) Inject temperatures along the wall of the cup, to 1/3 of the cup capacity (maybe less, but it needs to be covered with tea) and then shake the tea cup slightly to make the tea be fully infiltrated. At this time, the tea fragrance is high, and it cannot be tasting, but it is the best time to smell the incense.

?? 3) Stop it for about 2 minutes. When the tea absorbs water and stretch, the water in the cup wall is almost full. At this time, tea either wandering or dancing, or moved between ups and downs. Start tasting.

?? 4) When there is about 1/3 of the tea soup, continue to enter the appropriate temperature, the appropriate amount of water, and then tast it.

?? Through the above content of brewing all hair tea, I believe that everyone has understood the four steps of brewing Duyongjian tea. In the future, when drinking the hair of the hair, in addition to the high -quality hair tea with high quality, you should also pay attention to the brewing method of the hair of the hair. Only in this way can you really taste the good taste of the flavor.

Taiping Monkey Kui Green Tea brewing method is more particular about the brewing method of Taiping Monkey Kui. It is precisely because the method of brewing of the Taiping Monkey Kui can soak the fragrant taste. More people pay attention to the quality of life in modern society. The so -called quality is a kind of particular. Mastering the brewing method of the Taiping Monkey Kui will make a cup of Taiping Monkey Kui tea with a very pure taste. Tea responds to character, a cup of good tea is a hundred -like life.

The color, fragrance, and taste of Taiping Monkey Kui have unique features. There is a landscape of "two knives and one shot", that is, after the brewing of dry tea, each flower is two leaf rings and one bud. It is known as the name.
The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第10张 Its color is green, the leaf veins are green, thick and strong, full of white, full of white, without exposure, the main veins of the leaves are purple, like olives. After brewing, the tea buds are straight into flowers, flat and uniform, slightly pointed at both ends, bright and green soup, mellow and fresh taste, have the characteristics of "one bubble high, two bubbles, three bubbles and four bubbles still exist". This is the unique "monkey charm" of Taiping Monkey Kui often referred to.

The bubble method of Taiping Monkey Kui

1: Breeding bowls

Usering: White porcelain cover bowl, fair cup, tasting cup.

Tea volume: 3 grams.

Water: Pure water.

First Bubble:

Water temperature: 85 degrees.

Method: Inject water by the bowl, not stamped.

Soaking time: 60 seconds.

Pin review: Tea soup soup is yellow, bright, sweet and smooth, orchids long.

Second bubble:

Water temperature: 85 degrees.

Method: Inject water by the bowl, not stamped.

Soaking time: 2 minutes.

Pin review: sweet and mellow taste, orchid fragrance lasting.

Third Bubble:

Water temperature: 90 degrees.

Taiping Monkey's soaking method: Inject water beside the bowl, not stamped.

Soaking time: 3 minutes.

Champions: The taste is basically the same as above, and the orchid fragrance is long.

Taiping Monkey's soaking method 2, glass brewing

Usering: glass.

Tea volume: 2.5 grams.

Water: Pure water.

Water temperature: 85 degrees.

Method: Using the bottom investment method, first infiltrate the water first, and fill it over half a minute.

Soaking time: 5 minutes.

Pin review: Tea soup soup is yellow and green, bright, sweet and smooth, orchids and long -lasting.

The above is the introduction of the bubble method of the Taiping Monkey Kui. It is necessary to keep in mind at all times. The four bubbles still exist. "

How to brew Rizhao Green Tea? How to brew Rizhao Green Tea? For many people, brewing Rizhao Green Tea requires a lot of skills. Everyone loves to drink tea, but there are not many friends who will brew the sun -raising green tea. Mastering the skills of brewing Rizhao Green Tea is also to master a lot of essentials. Let's take a look at the process of brewing Rizhao Green Tea together.

? (1) How to brew the sunlight green tea? Selection of water
The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第11张 ?? In the end, it is not required to be sweet and clean. The hardness of the water directly affects the color of the tea soup and the solubility of the effective ingredients of the tea. The hardness is high, then the color is yellow -brown and light. In addition, inferior water can not only produce good tea, but also use severe scale for a long time, but also damage tea sets. Therefore, water should be softened.

(2) How to brew Rizhao Green Tea? Pay attention to water temperature

The temperature of green tea should be used to depend on the quality of the tea. Advanced green tea, especially various sprouts and leavesThe tender green tea should be about 80C. The tender green, the lower the water temperature. The water temperature is too high, it is easy to hot tea, the tea soup becomes yellow, and the taste is bitter; the water temperature is too low, the flavor is low. As for the low -grade green tea, it should be brewed with boiling water of 100 degrees Celsius.

? (3) How to brew Rizhao Green Tea? The amount of Rizhao Green Tea

?? Tea dosage, there is no unified standard, depending on the size of tea sets, types of tea, and the preferences of each person. Certainly. Generally speaking, the proportion of tea and water is roughly 1: 50 to 60. Strict tea reviews, green tea is brewed 3g of tea with 150ml of water.

? (4) How to brew Rizhao Green Tea? The choice of tea sets

? In fact, the glass is more suitable for brewing high -end tea. Traveling, changing. In particular, some high -end sunshine green tea, good green tea hair peaks, can be three or three plants, extremely wonderful. So in general tea art halls, use glass cups to brew green tea.

How to brew Rizhao Green Tea? After reading the above introduction, everyone should understand how to brew Rizhao Green Tea. This tea is actually very easy to master the brewing essentials. It is recommended that everyone in the usual one You can drink more sunlight green tea.

The brewing method of Laoshan Green Tea has become the habit of most people, and many people prefer to drink Laoshan green tea, but do you really know the correct brewing method of Laoshan green tea, Laoshan green tea What do you need to pay attention to in brewing? Do you know these? Xiaobian tells you today that the brewing method of Laoshan Green Tea is very simple. The following editors introduce the detailed method of brewing the bubbles of Laoshan Green Tea.

The brewing method of Laoshan Green Tea is divided into six steps:
The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第12张 The first step, cleaning tea set, thoroughly clean the tea cup and tea set to be used.

Step 2, choose the water quality of brewing Laoshan green tea, you can choose clean mineral water or treated tap water. It is best to be neutral or slightly acidic water quality.

In the third step, control the water temperature of brewing Laoshan green tea, it is best to control about 80 ° C, not too hot to damage the tea, nor the temperature is too low, and the tea can be brewed.

The fourth step, control the ratio of tea to water, usually a cup of tea is sufficient to invest 3-5g of Laoshan green tea, or the ratio of tea and water is 1:50 or 1:60. Can control the light and appropriateness of tea.

In the fifth step, the launch of Laoshan Green Tea can adopt the investment method, the lower investment method or the China investment method. The Laoshan green tea is more tender. The sinking and stretch gradually squeezed the excellent fragrance.

Step 6, after the first cup, you can renew the cup. It is best to continue when the tea is drunk half.The second time, this can drink the pure tea fragrance.

?? Today I will explain the brewing method of the green tea in Laoshan. Of course, good tea must be used well. Do not soak too thick when brewing. Too thick will affect the secretion of gastric juice. It is best not to drink it during an empty stomach. I hope that after the brewing method of the Laoshan Green Tea introduced by the editor today, it will help everyone. Essence

The brewing steps of the Lushan Cloud Green Tea ?? Every time it grows, it will always bring me endless touch and surprise. During the class in Tea Art last time, the favorite was to watch Teacher Teacher the brewing of the Lushan Cloud Mist Tea in class, watching the strands of tea stretching his body, and felt very happy. The brewing of Lushan Cloud Mist Tea is simple but connotative. In the teacher's demonstration of the brewing method of Lushan Cloud Mist tea, he learned a lot of knowledge. Today, I will share the whole process of brewing for everyone, let the surprise accompany your life!

?? The brewing steps of Lushan Cloud Mist Tea are as follows
?? 1. The ratio of tea and water is roughly controlled at 1:50, 150 ml Water, use about 3 grams of dry tea. The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第13张
? 2. It cannot be brewed with 100 degrees of boiling water. Generally, it is advisable to use 85 degrees (boiled in water for cooler). In this way, the tea soup brewed can be bright and mellow.

? 3. The number of brewing should not exceed three times, and the soluble substance is immersed by about 50%; the secondary immersion is about 30%; three times, the immersion is about 10%.

Fourth, because of the shape of Lushan Cloud Fog Tea, it is "strong". It is better to use the "investment method" when brewing. That is, first boil 85 degrees into the cup, and then take the tea to invest. If you use a glass, you will see: Some tea leaves sink straight, some tea leaves are lingering, and some leaves are up and down to stretch and swim. This process is called "tea dance". Essence Soon, dry tea sucks water, gradually opened the leaves, and showed one bud and one leaf, and the soup noodles rose with the tea aroma. At this time, when you smell the tea soup, you will inevitably refresh your heart.

In fact, under normal circumstances, we all know that the concentration of Lushan Cloud Fog Tea is very high, and we will choose to buy large teapots for brewing. This kind of benefit is to avoid tea soup when brewing in Lushan Cloud Fog Tea. concentrated. Choosing a good tea set is very important! Xiaobian strongly recommends that you must have a good tea set!

Bamboo leaf green tea skills ?? It also requires certain skills when making tea, because when we buy, we should know a lot of tea knowledge and then buy tea. The importance of making tea skills, then what skills do we have when we make tea? The following editors will introduce you to the skills of making bamboo leaf green teaEssence

? 1. Watching tea: For delicate name Youzhuye green tea, tea watching tea before making drinks.

?? 1. Take a cup of dry tea first, place it on white paper (or on the tea -specific appliances), let the drinkers appreciate the color and shape of the dry tea first, and then smell the incense, then smell the incense, and then smell the incense. Fully appreciate the natural charm of famous bamboo leaf green tea. For ordinary community bamboo leaf green tea, the process of watching tea is generally avoided.

?? 2. Or tilted the bamboo leaf green tea pot and pour the bamboo leaf green tea into the tea. Use the teaspoon of the tea leaf in the tea to enjoy the tea tray, enjoy the color of dry tea, tenderness, smell the aroma of tea.

?? 2. Sanitary ware: It is to brew the selected tea sets with boiling water one by one to clean the use of tea and add tea.

?? 3, warm cup: washed the tea cup with boiling water to increase the cup temperature. In winter, it is particularly important, which is conducive to the brewing of bamboo leaf green tea.

? 4. Set tea: The general capacity of the tea cup of bamboo leaf green tea is 150 ml, and the amount of tea is at about 3 grams One tea volume). Use a teaspoon to evenly pass the bamboo leaf green tea from the tea tray or tea into each tea cup. It is advisable to infiltrate the temperature of bubble tea at 85-90 ° C, and the amount of water is 1/4 or 1/3 of the capacity of the cup. It makes the bamboo leaf green tea absorb water and relax, which is convenient for tea juice. After about 30 seconds, brewing.
The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第14张 ?? 5. Winning: It is advisable to make tea temperature at 85-90 ° C, and the amount of water is 1/4 or 1/3 of the capacity of the cup. Start brewing after about 30 seconds.

The key step of the brewing method of Yongchuan Xiuya Green Tea is to make tea. The taste of tea depends not only on the quality of the tea itself, the water of the tea, and the various steps in the tea process. In fact, hidden mystery, rare negligence will destroy a cup of good tea. Therefore, the brewing method of Yongchuan Xiuya is no less than that of the tea production process.

The first study of the brewing method of Yongchuan Xiuya requires the cleaning of the tea set. Usually, it is brewed with a glass (pot), porcelain cup or tea bowl with very good transparency in order to set off the green tea soup Yongchuan Xiuya. Among them, it is better to use glass. Just boil water and boil, so that the freshness of the tea is better. The water temperature of 要求 tea is required to be appropriate at about 80 ° C.

茶與水的比例一定要恰當,通常茶與水之比為1∶50至1∶60,即1克茶葉用水50毫升至60毫升為It is appropriate, the tea soup brewed in this way is suitable and the taste is fresh. There are also techniques in the brewing method of Yongchuan Xiuya. It is suitable for using A1B3C3 (barrel water, 90 ° C (boiling water), 5min) and A2B3C1 (pure water, 900c (boiling water (boiling water (boiling water (boiling water (boiling water (boiling water) 3min) brewed.
The brewing method of green tea tea_ knowledge_第15张 The brewing method of Yongchuan Xiuya and the brewing method of other tea leaves cannot be confused. The brewing of tea seems the same, but it has its own mysteries. ThereforeExperienced people help complete the brewing of tea, otherwise they will destroy a cup of tea and be small, and they cannot taste the tea.


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