Drink tea?What do you drink?The ninth answer is shocking

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Since entering the tea industry, I encountered someone from time to time and asked me about this question: What exactly do you drink when drinking tea? In particular, Pu'er tea has health effects, health effects, and cultural attributes. What do you drink when drinking tea? Is it like Starbucks, drinking an atmosphere, an atmosphere? Below, let's reveal the mystery together.

Writers believe that drinking tea is culture. Since God has tasted Baicao, I found that drinking tea can detoxify. Tea is on the stage of human history. In addition to becoming part of the daily life of ordinary people, tea has also become the object of literati. From ancient times to the present, many literary works about tea have spread in the world. This is the best evidence.

Historians believe that drinking tea is history. Especially old tea, with yesterday's story. A cup of tea is closer to the distance between you and the past. In 1987, when archaeologists opened the Famen Temple Palace, which had not seen Tiantian Temple for more than 1,100 years. This is a set of silver gold tea sets created by Wu Zetian's life craftsman. There are also hundreds of years of Jingua Gong tea stored in the Forbidden City. This is a heavy history.

Biologists believe that drinking tea will not cause genetic mutations, please rest assured to drink.

Economists believe that drinking tea can drive GDP growth. Chinese people drink dozens of memories every year, do you know?

Chemists believe that the chemical composition in tea is very complicated, and more than 500 species have been separated at present. Drinking tea, just a chemical reaction in another place.

Philosophers believe that drinking tea is a practice. People often say that tea Zen blindly. Seeing Zen, seeking thorough understanding in the rotation of life and death. Tea tasting, the purpose is to temporarily let go of the common things. In a cup of tea, taste a leisurely mood. It was not a tea cup that picked up and put down, but a persistent heart.

Physicists believe that drinking tea is the movement of atoms.

Nutritionists believe that: "Shennong's Materia Medica" in the Eastern Han Dynasty records: u0026 ldquo; Shennong tastes Baicao, encounters 72 poisons a day, and is solved. u0026 rdquo; The understanding of the function of tea medicine has gone through a long historical period. In long -term practice, people have slowly realized that tea has health effects such as detoxification, clearing fire, refreshing, and eliminating food. It can be said that u0026 ldquo; Tea u0026 rdquo; It is a kind of drink that is good and healthy!

A tea friend believed that when drinking tea, he was mood. Now the pace of life in the city is relatively fast, we need a little time to let ourselves relieve. Many people have this experience. When you drive downstairs, you will sit in the car for more than ten or even one hour before going upstairs. Why? Because only this period of time belongs to its own. The same is true of drinking tea, nothing else, just for a moment of quietness. Don't underestimate this short time, it can make us full of blood and face the u0026 ldquo in life againFloor feathers u0026 rdquo;.


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