Seven steps to drink Pu'er tea (2)

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Seven steps to drink Pu

Tea friends who like to drink tea are definitely not unfamiliar with Pu'er tea, but not all tea friends know how to drink Pu'er tea. Let's talk about the seven -step drink of Pu'er tea.

Step 5: Open the soup to observe the color

Cooked tea reddish brown, full -fermented product;

The color of raw tea has evolved from the initial yellow green to the final red. The following is as follows:

1 ~ 2 years of soup color yellow -green, such as children's childishness; 3 years of soup golden yellow; 3 ~ 5 years of soup orange yellow; 5 ~ 8 years of soup orange red; 8 ~ 15 to 15 The soup color pomegranate red; 15-30 years of soup color gemstone red; more than 30 years is wine red, as good as the couple.

Step 6: Open the soup taste

When opening the soup to taste, if the odor is full, there must be a problem. Generally, it is:

smoke, paste, fried green, baked green, black tea, water stuffy, mildew.

The following product level. Different tea products have different aroma levels and changes:

Single, rich, layered, diverse, etc.

It also needs to be scent. Different tea products are different:

Sinking, sinking, restrained, and high.

Step 7: Open the soup taste

bitterness is the basic taste of Pu'er tea, commonly known as u0026 ldquo;

Feeling different tastes: sour, bitter, fresh and sweet.

The soup feels the feeling of tea soup in the mouth. Yes: Poor, thin, thick, full.

The feeling of tea soup swallowed from the mouth to the stomach. Yes: rough, slippery, silky.

Martial arts feel: dry, sweet, moisturizing, etc.

Favorite: None, short, lasting.


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