After cooked tea is fermented, it is best to drink it for a while?

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After cooked tea is fermented, it is best to drink it for a while?_ knowledge_第1张

Q: What should I do if I want to drink hot tea at night, but I am afraid that I ca n’t sleep?

Answer: Tea has a certain effect of refreshing. People who rarely drink tea usually cause tea before going to bed to cause mental excitement. If you really want to some tea, it is not impossible.

We must make it clear that no matter what tea, it contains caffeine, but it just depends on its impact on your body. Generally speaking, after drinking tea, caffeine's excitement on the body is about 2 u0026 mdash; 5 hours, of course, the specific time is determined by personal constitution and tolerance.

Some tea friends were used to tea at night, and they could cause psychological loss without drinking tea overnight. However, for patients with severe heart disease and those who have weak neuragraphs, they should avoid drinking strong tea or excessive tea, especially at night, or not to drink tea anymore.

For ordinary tea friends, if you really want to drink some tea at night, you can choose Pu'er old tea, Pu'er cooked tea, black tea, and these tea. However, you ca n’t drink too much when you drink tea at night. The amount of tea is relatively less.

Q: I heard that after the cooked tea is fermented, it is best to drink it for a while?

Answer: The nature of the new cooked tea tends to be hot, and the taste also has obvious odor or pile of flavor. Therefore, it is prone to dryness or fire symptoms when drinking in the early stages. This is unavoidable under the normal Waizhou fermentation process, and it is accompanied by cooked tea like a pile of taste.

Therefore, it is best to store the Pu'er cooked tea for only a period of time, and then start to taste it. sense. And it can disperse the flavor of the pile of the pile of the pile of fermentation.


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