What are the changes in Pu'er tea mouth?

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What are the changes in Pu

At the beginning, the appearance occupied a large proportion, so the ancient trees and the Taiwan did not have obviously wild divisions, and even in the weakness.

The feeling of taste later was more valued. The strong taste of the southern tea mountains represented by the Brown Mountain Tea suddenly protruded from the southern tea mountains; Pay attention to;

Then Lincang Yuku, the flavor and aroma represented by Iceland, the direct taste of tea was sought after by the market.

This changing taste is not known to be the result of capital siege, or the result of the improvement of the level of tea guests?

If the capital is dominated, is the next taste? Still something else? If the level of the tea customer is promoted, then which one will be the next business card? Who does the new tasting system formulate the standard?

Will the new technology change our taste? Change our drinking method?

Anyway, when the car does not appear, people are concerned about the best horses and the fastest. No one thinks that the car will replace the horse as a transportation tool. When tea is chewing as medicine, no one will think of being able to cook and drink, let alone soak and drink, put it in the bottle to drink u0026 hellip; u0026 hellip;

The only change in this world will never never change. Change, and the speed is getting faster and faster.


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