Why do most people do not understand aging Pu'er tea?

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Why do most people do not understand aging Pu

About Pu'er tea, most of the people who just touched them did not understand, and tea friends with a certain tea age could drink some feelings. However, if it is an aged Pu'er tea, some old tea friends do not understand or not understand, so why is this?

1. Chen Tea has an old flavor

Generally, Pu'er tea that is generally stored for more than 15 years can be called an old Pu'er tea. A kind of u0026 ldquo; old flavor u0026 rdquo;, for example, some u0026 ldquo; old houses u0026 rdquo;, you can feel its breath when you enter the door.

From this point, it can be used as one of the basis for identifying false Chen tea. This u0026 ldquo; old taste u0026 rdquo; Old taste.

This old taste is difficult to accept for people who are accustomed to new tea and mid -term tea.

2. The taste of Chen tea has changed

Pu'er tea that has been stored for so long will inevitably have some changes. It is more accurate to describe it.

The taste of Chencha will become relatively bland, and to experience the stunning of Pu'er tea in this kind of bland, this has a lot of relationships with the experience of tea drinking people.

Imagine an ordinary person, there is not too many ups and downs in life, how can you experience a tea from the stimulus of new tea to the blooming of the mid -term to the flat period.

3. There are too few Chen tea to save the world

Good old Pu'er tea, the amount of deposit is too scarce, and people often applied to the Buddhism u0026 ldquo; People can drink it. u0026 rdquo;

It is because of the rare good tea tea, and most people have no chance to experience.

So many people have fundamentally not drinking good old Pu'er tea.

So the good old Pu'er tea was drank by him, and he couldn't drink it and didn't understand it.

Therefore, based on the above three points, it is a normal thing to drink or not understand Chen Pu.

When you reject the old smell from your heart, you will find that the old Pu'er tea is really not your dish. You are most curious, but after you try it, you will treat the old age. Old Pu'er tea has no love.


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