What is the moisturizing degree of Pu'er cooked tea?The extra points of Pu'er cooked tea?

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What is the moisturizing degree of Pu

Pu'er cooked tea is difficult to drink. One of the great reasons is that the annoying pile of taste covers its pleasant soup and taste. Excellent cooked tea indicators such as Shengjin, Gan Gan, mellow, silky, Chen Xiang, etc. If a cooked tea is made or stored in a short year, it is difficult for general people to get out of the cooked taste in the heavier taste. These excellent quality characteristics.

If we use a cooked tea without a pile of flavor and odor as a passing line, the cooked tea with the above excellent indicators on this basis should of course be added.

Moisturizing is also one of the extra points indicators that high -quality Pu'er tea must have.

What is moisturizing?

Moisturizing refers to the moisturizing throat after the entrance, and immediately relieves the feeling of drying. This degree of moisturizing often exists in high -quality mature Pu. Generally, it is difficult to achieve the feeling of moisturizing and moisturizing the taste after drinking.

The so -called good tea three moisturizes: the entrance is moist, contains moisturizing, and drinks. If we are tasting, aside from other good and bad indicators, focus on feeling its u0026 ldquo; Sanrun u0026 rdquo;, can basically accurately capture the degree of moisturizing, so it can be added to add Other indicators are objectively evaluated.

If you feel difficult to understand, a relatively simple method is that during the process of drinking or drinking, you can see if there is a throat card and throat.

After years of storage, the taste of cooked Pu'er tea becomes more merit and slippery, moisturizing, the mouth feels soft, thick, and the charm is wrapped.

Although there are rarely silk and Chen Xiang in the new system, there are still some moisturizing.

The degree of moisturizing is generally accompanied by sweetness, collectively referred to as u0026 ldquo; sweet u0026 rdquo; in fact one is taste, one is tactile, and different organs such as mouth, tongue, and throat are felt. It is not well moist, some cooked tea, but the sweetness may not be obvious. Pay attention to this.

Generally, the demand for the taste of Pu'er tea is larger than the sweetness of moisturizing, so if someone says u0026 ldquo; Cooked tea, if you say u0026 ldquo; This cooked tea is very moist u0026 rdquo; then you pay attention, it is likely that you have a high -quality cooked Puppet, pay more attention, don't miss it.

If you give a cooked tea score, the most basic passing line is no pile of taste, odor and odor, and cooked tea with moisturizing can definitely add points!


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