These three side effects appear, indicating that you can’t drink tea yet

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These three side effects appear, indicating that you can’t drink tea yet_ knowledge_第1张

1. Can you sleep if you drink too much tea?

Many friends who have just touched tea will feel that drinking tea can cause insomnia. In fact, although the coffee coffee in tea has the function of excitement, the half -life of caffeine is very short. Generally, it can consume half of the coffee in the body in only 4 to 5 hours. After 8 to 10 hours, the caffeine in the body consumes it. 75%. In other words, drinking tea during the day is unlikely to affect sleep.

Correct method: You can drink tea with heavy fermentation at night, such as cooked Pu and black tea. After the fermentation, the caffeine is left in the caffeine, which generally does not affect sleep. And those Pu'er raw tea, green tea, and rock tea are not recommended to drink new tea friends at night. Or try to adjust tea and cook tea, which will help sleep.

2. Drinking tea will cause teeth to yellow?

Many people think that tea stains are often left on the tea cup, and it takes granted that drinking tea can also cause teeth to turn yellow. Is this a big misunderstanding? First of all, drinking tea is conducive to teeth. Tea polyphenols and fluorine in tea can strengthen the gums and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Therefore, many toothpastes add tea polyphenols to protect and whiten their teeth.

Correct method: When drinking tea, tea polyphenols will be attached to the teeth to make the teeth yellow, but these tea pigments can be cleaned only with daily brushing. Of course, if you drink tea for a long time, you drink strong tea, and you don't pay attention to brushing your teeth in time. Besides, if you do n’t brush your teeth, you ca n’t blame your teeth to drink tea u0026 hellip; u0026 hellip;

3. Drinking tea will hurt your stomach?

Drinking tea hurts the stomach, the most speaking is the green tea and Shengpu represented by it. If you drink eighteen bowls of raw tea in one breath: u0026 ldquo; tea is really delicious, but unfortunately it hurts the stomach. u0026 rdquo;

Compared with black tea and black tea, green tea and raw tea have not been fermented, retaining higher tea polyphenols and coffee crickets. Tea polyphenols will irritate the mucosa of the stomach. If you drink a lot of time, it is easy to cause stomach discomfort. Therefore, green tea and Shengpu were crowned u0026 ldquo; hurt the stomach u0026 rdquo;

The correct way: The moderate amount of drinking will not cause any burden on the stomach. Those who cause gastric discomfort due to drinking green tea and rawpu are in u0026 ldquo; excessive u0026 rdquo; On the ground, drink tea and tea for too long, too long, and drink too much u0026 hellip; u0026 hellip;


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