Five stages of drinking Pu'er tea

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Five stages of drinking Pu

In the third stage, drinking personalized Pu'er

The purpose of the purpose of thirst and health adds the richness and beauty of taste. With the gradual deepening of the understanding of tea, with the increasing understanding of the internal connection between tea and health, with the improvement of the experience of tea soup, the new standards u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; starting The word u0026 ldquo; personality u0026 rdquo; The word of personality is linked to the taste of tea, and on the basis of qualification and health, you start to choose tea with your favorite personality taste. There is a more sensual understanding of the words of returning to Gan, Heidan, smooth, full, full, implicit, layered, and scattered.

In the fourth stage, drinking culture Pu'er

The purpose not only stays at the physiological level, but also becomes the dominant purpose of the taste and pursuit of culture. On the basis of personality, whether tea products have corresponding cultural connotations as important choice standards. If it is a tea with a very personality and no corresponding cultural connotation, it must also be elegant and give it a certain cultural meaning. Because the tea is indeed tasteing culture and taste to a certain extent. This is the substantialness of drinking tea and coffee, drinking coffee, and drinking sugar water.

In the fifth stage, drink humanities Pu'er

The purpose is to enjoy the beauty of thinking, understanding and culture with drinking tea. It is a kind of life, tea is another life, and drinking tea is a dialogue between life and another life. We listen to tea with the taste of culture and the Tao. With culture. Humanities Pu'er, that is the material that allows our hearts to enter the thinking and cultural realm. Tea clean our soul, play our own past, present and future on the video of our soul. u0026 ldquo; The middle age is quite good, late home Nanshan. Every time Xinglai goes alone, the event is unknown. Walk to the water poverty, sit while watching the clouds. The mountain forest is worth the forest, and the laughter is endless. u0026 rdquo; This realm requires the tour guide of Humanities Pu'er!

Tea is wonderful because of humanities, and people realize because of tea spirit. Humanities Pu'er met with spiritual people with spiritual tea. It is the encounter of the fate of people and the Tao and Tea, and a beautiful and free spiritual realm. U u0026 rdquo; The most unspeakable pleasure.

A barrier between people and tea. The taste is freely transformed into a hearing, and the taste of tea is like a slim singing from the distant mountains. Drinking the humanistic Pu'er, it is the reflection of the soul, the visit and nourishment of the soul that makes our body so fresh and beautiful! After drinking a humanistic Pu'er, for life, it can also be regarded as no swallowing jujube!


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