Tasting Report: How about Pu'er Given Tea in Mengku?

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Tasting Report: How about Pu

It brought you a tasting report from Kunming tea friends and marked as a tasting report on the tea -like tea sample of Mengku. The tea friend did not write the year clearly. The taste of Yueku tea is very rich in diversity, not only the taste of Iceland, but also not only the types of small household competitions, understanding, etc., but also the different tastes of many unknown tea. Today, let's take a look at the quality of this Yuku tea.

Tasting Report: How about Pu

The first bubble

Tea soup is pale yellow, the tea soup and hanging cup are good, the honey flavor is very strong, mixed with a bit of flower fragrance.

Tasting Report: How about Pu

The second bubble

The taste of the tea is slightly thin, a bit thin. Basically not bitter, slightly astringent, mainly concentrated on the tongue surface.

Tasting Report: How about Pu

The third bubble

The texture of the tea soup is not very good, the thickness is not strong, the waterway is a bit rough, and it is more hung. The tongue surface has a numbness, the upper jaw is dry, the back is sweet, and the tongue has a livelihood.

Tasting Report: How about Pu

The fourth bubble

The tea air is a bit weak, and the body sensation is not particularly obvious. The bitterness began to strengthen, but the astringency was heavier.

Tasting Report: How about Pu

The fifth bubble

The attenuation of the tea flavor is obvious, and the tea fragrance is more difficult to feel again, both of which are staircase attenuation.

Tasting Report: How about Pu

The bottom of the leaves

The leaf bottom is relatively mixed, the proportion of red stalks and red leaves is slightly higher, and the elasticity is not very good.


This tea is indeed Yuku tea, but the tree is not old, not the first spring tea, it should be spring tail and summer. There are certain problems in the production process of this tea, and it is suspected to wither.


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