Pu'er tea drink tips

tea knowledge (9) 2022-09-23 14:18:05


[Reasonable use of the tongue]

The taste organs of the human body u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; tongue, the taste buds of each part of the taste buds are different. The main top of the tongue is the u0026 ldquo; sweetness u0026 rdquo;; the front end of the tongue mainly evaluates the alcohol and degree of tea; the back end of the tongue mainly judges whether Pu'er tea is u0026 ldquo; Astringent u0026 rdquo;; the roots of the tongue focused on Pu'er tea's u0026 ldquo; bitter u0026 rdquo;.

Due to the different feelings of the different parts of the tongue, the tea soup should be rolled on the tongue when the tea soup is entered in the mouth of the tea soup. Distinguish the taste of Pu'er tea.

[Grasp the tea soup u0026 ldquo; taste temperature u0026 rdquo;]

Drinking Pu'er tea is generally suitable for the entrance at about 50 ° C. The tea soup is too hot, and the taste is numb and numb by high temperature stimulation, which affects the normal taste; the temperature of the tea soup is too low, the low temperature taste is from possible coordination to inconsistent, affecting the accuracy of the assessment.

[Do not eat irritating food before the tea]

Before drinking Pu'er tea, some foods that are strong and easy to stay in the mouth are not eaten. The favorite betel nut, while chewing betel nut, can not drink the taste of Pu'er tea, especially when the tea soup that does not feel Pu'er tea is smooth when it flows on the tongue surface.

It is not stimulating to stimulate the tongue surface, which will even cause the tongue surface to be numb without soup. Do n’t eat it. It is not suitable for drinking and hot foods to be practical when drinking Pu'er tea.


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