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When brewing tea, if the tea does not analyze enough, the tea soup will appear water. But after the tea soup is made up, it will continue to be soaked and it will be too thick. How is brewing tea best? It is that tea has just reached blending, and it just does not have the taste of water. If we can keep each foam the same, the same as thick, then this tea can be brewed at most or the most bubbles. If this method is brewed with tea with rich material, it will draw a different tea with different tastes, giving people a multi -level enjoyment. The richer the content of the tea, the more obvious the sense of layering, and the more layers. The main reason is that the contents of the tea are different in the number of bubbles, with different precipitation, and the proportion of various substances is different. In most cases, the tea peaks will be around at about six bubbles. At this time, the leaves are opened and stretched, and the best precipitation. The tea soup is full and thick, the tea power is strong, and the eyes are shining. A layer of rich tea gives people a layer of enjoyment, which is endless. There are two conditions to get a rich level of tea. One is the rich internal texture of the tea, and the other is brewing technology.


Rhyme u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; sound+uniform, sound is even rhyme. A variety of different sounds are superimposed and uniformly superimposed together, which produces pleasant effects, giving people a multi -level hearing enjoyment, pleasure, and pleasant. This is the original meaning of rhyme. When it comes to tea rhyme, it must be full of color, fragrance, and taste, and harmoniously matched together, giving people a multi -level and three -dimensional enjoyment. The first view of people's tea should be color, transparent and bright tea soup, pleasing to people; the second is fragrance, elegant and natural fragrance, and refreshing heart spleen; Tongue. The combination of color, fragrance, and taste forms the rhyme of tea. Tea with tea can be called good tea. The color, fragrance, and taste of a good tea are inevitable, not isolated. It has such a good color, and it will have such a good taste. With that good taste, it will have that kind of color.

If you have a good color and taste, you can still produce good tea, which is even more remarkable. Because the tea fragrance is the most rare and the easiest to lose. Therefore, good tea should be stored well. Tea with tea is charming and interesting. It makes people forget it after drinking. If you drink it, you want to drink, the more you drink, the more you want to drink. What Su Dongpo said: u0026 ldquo; never like a beautiful woman. u0026 rdquo; Probably that's what it means!

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thick and thick

Tea has two concepts: thick and thick, and it is easier to be confused. Clarify these two concepts, which is conducive to the correct understanding of tea. If we do not analyze it carefully, we will think that the thickness and thickness are much different, and even think it is the same thing. In fact, it is quite large. Play with music, symphony, and hundreds of musical instruments at the same time, but the sound of each instrument is clearly distinguished, giving a three -dimensional auditory enjoyment. Especially appreciating live performances, it is clearer. why? Because the audio of each kind of instrumentThe sound range is different, so they will not affect each other and are clearly discerned. Overlaying various audio with various instruments together, a thick hearing experience is produced. Like a kind of musical instrument to play the same sound, no matter how many pieces are added, it can only increase its volume without producing a thick effect. The same audio can only have changes in volume; different audio is different from thick.

Tea, thick refers to the rich taste, and a variety of different flavors in harmony with each other, giving people full and thick feelings; thickness refers to the strength of a certain taste. If a certain tea is not strong enough, it can increase the amount of tea, increase the water temperature, and increase the soaking time, but it is only superimposed by the original taste, that is, increase its concentration, and it cannot add other flavors. A certain tea thick is talented, that is, its original material is rich in material, and it has a generous taste. Sometimes we say that this tea is actually that this tea does not taste enough, not thick enough. Those who have misunderstandings, or those who intentionally mislead misleading, brew the thick tea and brew it even thicker. It is easy to get into a misunderstanding, easy to be fooled, or not known by people.

Tea bottom

Tea bottom, or leaf bottom, refers to the tea leaves that are fully brewed with dry tea. Dry hair tea made of fresh leaves has changed its colors and shapes. It is not very professional person to distinguish the quality of tea from dry hair tea. The bottom of the tea has a basic restoration of fresh leaves, and there are corresponding restoration of the color. Relatively speaking, it is easier to distinguish the tea bottom. Good tea must be made of fresh leaves, which is necessary. The fresh leaves correspond to the tea bottom. The tea bottom of the tea made of good fresh leaves has common characteristics. Essence Good fresh leaves, sufficient nutrients, rich in inside, thick leaves, high tenderness, and long period of growth; the corresponding tea bottom will also be thick, elastic and glossy. The bad fresh leaves are exactly the opposite. The leaves are thin and fiber is high; the corresponding tea bottom will be thin, stiff, dull. It is more intuitive to see the tea bottom of the tea bottom. Of course, judging a tea requires a variety of aspects, and you can also judge from many aspects. However, starting from the bottom of the tea, it is easier and intuitive. When you are familiar with, you will find that from the perspective of it, it turned out to be similar.

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Favorite, one is two aspects of the meaning, one refers to the taste after the stop; the other refers to the memory of tea after the incident. Essence Many people drink tea, one cup after a cup, no pause, just pay attention to the feeling of drinking, and do not pay attention to the feeling after drinking. Drinking tea, the entrance is the moment, and it is lasting after stopping. Test a tea, it is more critical and important after stopping. The bad tea will be bitter, astringent, and not dynamic, the throat adhesion, the mouth convergence, and cannot be opened. Good tea, stopping the sweetness and sweetness, the mouth, the throat open, and the development of the heart. If you are better, you will be more fragrant, comfortable, and calm. It feels beautiful and makes people look goodJin music, endless aftertaste. This is one of the aftertastes.

Life consists of countless things, even if a lot of things happen in one day, many things happen, and the past has passed, and it will not leave memories. It is more special to leave people's memories. It is reminiscent of people, and the memory is still very special. The taste is a feeling, and the flashes pass by, which can leave memories, proves that it is very special. If a tea can remind you often, and want to taste it again, it proves that this tea is a good tea, which is worthy of aftertaste. In other words, it is a tea. After drinking, it is good tea after drinking; after drinking, it is bad tea if you don't want to drink anymore.

Tea has a triple enjoyment

The first is the oral cavity; the second is the body; the third is spirit. Tea Kelikou is well known. When it comes to the body, the spirit is not noticed by everyone. We use u0026 ldquo; pay attention to the words u0026 rdquo; mean that as long as you pay attention, everyone can have it, not particularly mysterious things. Our sages, in turn, the operation of qi and blood, found meridians and qigong. There is no mysterious place, but do we calm down to do this. Tea returns to sweetness, and it can be described as a sharp mouth; the heart and lungs are stretched, and the blood of the blood can be described as a good body; For beginners, the so -called triple is the same as the same thing. Tea drinks the entrance, the oral experience is the most obvious. Beginners are concentrated in the mouth, and they have not taken care of other. After being familiar with, you can be clever, and you can feel your body and spiritual feelings further.

We said that the triple enjoyment of tea tasting refers to good tea. Good tea will return to Gan, Shengjin; return to Gan, Shengjin tea, will make the body's heart and lungs stretch, and the blood is smooth; It is corresponding, the same thing. In other words, we can use these to experience the quality of a tea. We can judge the quality of a tea from many aspects, different angles, but in the end you will find that the reason why good tea is a good tea person is corresponding in different aspects and angles, and each other. The reason why we tirelessly talk about tea from different aspects and perspectives is to let the tea friends distinguish the good or bad from different aspects and perspectives, and finally achieve the integration. Our series of articles may be biased from a certain article, but if you look at it, you will not lose it. Sometimes, a problem seems to be a problem, but in fact, several consecutive articles are the same problem, but it is just several aspects of the same problem. Therefore, some tea friends feel difficult to understand when reading a certain article, but if you look at it continuously, you can understand it from the whole.


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