"Rhyme" and cooked tea products "thick", talk about the comprehensive dimension of Pu'er tea tasting

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"Rhyme" and cooked tea products "thick", talk about the comprehensive dimension of Pu

For the taste of tea, each tea person has its own standards, but from an objective point of view, good tea is none.

Like Pu'er tea, regardless of the performance of the taste and physical sensation, there is always a u0026 ldquo; principle. ; Rhyme u0026 rdquo;, cooked tea u0026 ldquo; thick u0026 rdquo;.

The u0026 ldquo; rhyme u0026 rdquo;

The comprehensive manifestation of the flavor of the raw Papa tea

For Shengpu u0026 ldquo; rhyme u0026 rdquo; The comprehensive performance of fragrance, taste, qi u0026 rdquo; is the comprehensive feeling of tolerance at all levels in Pu'er tea.

Kou Dan has such a paragraph in "Tea Rhyme": u0026 ldquo; formation u0026 lsquo; rhyme u0026 rsquo; it takes time to accumulate, which requires tens of millions of consensus to confirm. u0026 rdquo; rhyme is also often used to describe people with experience and connotation. Just like a good song, even if the sound is accurate, there is no experience, and there is no rhyme.

Shengpu Yishan blindly, but in terms of comprehensive quality, it is about a u0026 ldquo; rhyme u0026 rdquo; For Shengpu, rhyme represents two time: tree age and storage year. Over time, it has disappeared, but u0026 ldquo; rhyme u0026 rdquo; is round, comprehensive, and conservative, and it will be displayed at any stage.

During the new tea period, the performance of the rhyme is externally. Fragrance, sweetness, bitterness, returning sweetness, etc., different age, different tea species, and different rhymes. Iceland in the western Midway Mountains is feminine and sweet, and the vine on the east of the east is masculine and domineering. The aroma tastes very different, but it must be very tea.

In the middle or Chen tea, it is aging u0026 ldquo; bottom rhyme u0026 rdquo;. At this time, the raw tea is fragrant and not Yang, sweet but not weak. Each dimension coordinates each other, just like a stone that grinds the most sharp edges and corners, the overall becomes more round, but the inner is still strong. u0026 Ldquo;

The u0026 ldquo; thick u0026 rdquo;

The quality of cooked tea

The quality of cooked tea, u0026 ldquo; thick u0026 rdquo; Although cooked tea is in the aspects of u0026 ldquo; sweet, sweet, mellow, slippery u0026 rdquo; good cooked tea has better performance, but u0026 ldquo; thick u0026 rdquo; Full, mellow feel, sweet and slippery, and it is more meaningful.

The tea soup entered the mouth for a moment, sticky and tongue -pressing, and the throat was very mellow, smooth, smooth and natural.The drinking person feels very comfortable, such cooked tea is thick.

The cooked water immersion increased by the age, which produced large soluble sugar and soluble pectin and its hydrolysis during the fermentation process. The more water immersion, the thicker the tea taste.Thick.

On the contrary, drinking u0026 ldquo; thin u0026 rdquo; cooked tea, fragrant rhyme will naturally not be too good, the taste is smooth, it will be slightly thinner.

The reason for the thick tea is the material selection.However, if the degree of fermentation in the process is relatively high, the tea soup is fast, which will also cause the illusion of u0026 ldquo; thick u0026 rdquo; such soup is thick but not thick. Such tea has an overdraft of the internal quality and loses the potential and collection value of conversion.

Tea tasting is a step -by -step thing, u0026 ldquo; rhyme u0026 rdquo;, u0026 ldquo; thick u0026 rdquo; two words can only be used for tasting, and details need to be split.As a vitality tea, the charm of Pu'er tea lies in the long -lasting, and it may show a surprising result for many years. In the process of collecting tea on weekdays, we should also enjoy the real taste in the tea.


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