Drink and understand Pu'er cooked tea, you just need to catch these six points!

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Drink and understand Pu

The main six aspects of Pu'er cooked tea are: thickness, slippery, moisturizing, sweetness, purity, aroma.

1. Thickness

The thickness of the cooked Pu is a very comfortable feeling. When the tea soup is slippery, stimulates the taste buds, stir the tea soup with the tip of the tongue, and feel the power of stirring and the feeling of being impacted by the mouth.

The thickness of the thickness and the tea soup is not the same. The thickness of the Pu'er tea texture is thick. When the tea soup is soluble in the water, it will be relatively dense in the texture.

Drink and understand Pu

2. Slide

Slip refers to the u0026 ldquo; oily u0026 rdquo; It is usually very slippery tea. After drinking, there will be a feeling of u0026 ldquo; left a layer of oil u0026 rdquo; this need to distinguish between u0026 ldquo; so it is easy to swallow u0026 rdquo;

In fact, the slippery degree is also related to the thickness of the tea soup. The more mellow of the tea soup, the more obvious the slippery degree. Tea soup enters the mouth for a while, and the stomach flows through the throat is very round, kind, and natural. The feeling of impression of the drinking person is very strong, and the bad quality tea soup will have the feeling of u0026 ldquo; throat u0026 rdquo; Essence

Drink and understand Pu

3. Moisturizing

The good Pu'er cooked tea entrance's throat can be moisturized and immediately relieved the feeling of dried up. The senior master of grades attaches great importance to the characteristics of the throat. This moisturizing is necessary for familiarity. After drinking the high -quality cooked Pupin, the feeling that it must be gentle and like a spring breeze.

The cooked tea soup after three or four brewed, the throat is refreshing and moisturizing, the mouth is not dry or dry, and the entire belly is warm and comfortable after swallowing. This is the embodiment of the moisturizing of cooked tea.

4. Sweetness

Sweetness is the simplest and most intuitive aspect of tasting cooked tea. Good cooked tea can smell the sweet fragrance when the tea soup is not imported. In addition, cooked tea has almost no bitterness, so this sweetness is even more obvious! After the tea soup is in the entrance, you can quickly feel the sweetness with the tongue surface, and it will spread in the mouth, which is long and lasting.

Drink and understand Pu

5. Pure

The purity is an important indicator of the superb fermentation process of cooked tea. Whether the fermentation environment is hygienic, whether the method is correct, the degree of fermentation degree? Whether the suitable and storage environment can be considered from the purity of the tea soup.

Good purity tea soup is very clean and comfortable, even if you don’t prefer cooked teaTea friends drink will not feel unacceptable.If you drink it, it means that the sanitary conditions do not meet the standard during the production process, or it is polluted during the later storage.

6. Aroma

Different raw materials and matching methods will bring different aromas, which is also one of the charm of cooked tea.Walbuki's craftsmanship will make the new cooked tea have some u0026 ldquo; Wakashi flavor u0026 rdquo; This is inevitable, but the pure craftsmanship and strict production processes will reduce this smell to a certain extent, and in two or three years conversion will be transformed in two or three years.Later, the flavor of Wudu will fade, showing a fuller and rounded taste.

Chen Xiang is the most basic aroma of cooked tea. If it is stored properly, the cooked tea will be sublimated further after five years of transformation, showing a richer aroma, such as camphor, ginseng, medicine, jujube incense, Chen Xiang, Mu Xiang, etc.


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