2021 How much is Fuding Bai Tea, a pound of Fuding White Tea, the latest market price query

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As we all know, my country's tea culture has a history of thousands of years, and the types of tea on the market are now very rich. Everyone knows that the price of Fuding white tea is not cheap, mainly because it has many functions. White tea is rich in active enzymes. Long -term drinking white tea is conducive to promoting fat decomposition and blood sugar balance. White tea is rich in vitamins. White tea also has anti -radiation substances, which has a significant protective effect on human hematopoietic function. So how much is Fuding white tea a pound? The following editors will introduce the price related to the price of Fuding white tea. I hope everyone likes it!

How much is a pound of Fuding white tea? The price of Fuding white tea is mainly determined by the variety and quantity. Generally speaking, the top white tea has reached thousands/jin, while the high -end white tea has an average of about 800 yuan/jin, and the ordinary white tea only costs about 200 yuan/jin.

Good tea is good or old tea?

Some tea will change wonderful changes over time. This is the charm of tea.

The fragrance of the new tea will be polished into fresh lotus leaf fragrance after 3-5 years;

Storage of white tea for more than 8 years, with a sweet jujube fragrance;
[ 123] If it is stored for more than 15 years, it will become mellow and sweet.

As the sweetness increases, the brewed soup color will gradually precipitate from pale yellow to apricot yellow and amber red. In general, old white tea is more rare and more precious than new tea.

Old white tea not only has higher amino acid content, but also increases significantly. Flavonoids have a certain antioxidant effect and help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Fuding people regard the old white tea as the god of anti -inflammatory sterilization. Children's cold eczema gums swollen and drinking a few glasses of old white tea, becoming a folk remedy.

In the early days, Britain was also the largest export market in China. Because the upper Society of Britain's upper class of Chinese tea, can afford and buy Chinese tea as a symbol of fashion and status, which greatly stimulates the further export of Chinese tea, so that other Western countries in that year u0026 ldquo; day Under the influence of the falling empire u0026 rdquo; accept and like Chinese tea.


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