Qingfang Mingcha Tieguanyin was found to contain pesticide drops that exceeded the standard

tea information (125) 2022-09-30 20:23:38

[Summary] Qingfang Famous Tea Tieguanyin was found to contain pesticide drops of pesticides. A Tieguanyin tea containing pesticide drops of pesticides. ) The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce announced yesterday that a number of "Qingfang Famous Tea" produced by Fuzhou Qingfang Tea Industry Co., Ltd. was found to have a drop of pesticide titles that exceeded the standard and ordered the city to remove the city.

This "Qingfang Famous Tea" Tieguanyin was produced on February 10 this year, with a specification of 2G × 200 packs. Essence According to reports, the titration of the titration is long in the environment and the plant in the plant with a long residual period, high residual amount, and long -term intake of the human body, which can cause chronic poisoning, and excessive intake can even cause death. my country has long banned the use of drops in tea production.

In addition, the "Zhongxiang" Eight Treasure Bayo (160g/bag, 08-10-02) produced by Tianxiang Food Co., Ltd., which is produced by Tianjin Zhongxiang Food Co., Ltd., was also suspended on the same day because the benzoic acid exceeded the standard.


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