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[Summary] Drawing on the development model of the French wine winery culture innovation Tieguanyin development model recently, Anxi County believes that the essence of the production and operation development model of the French wine manor will accelerate the transformation process from the traditional tea industry to the modern tea industry to promote Anxi The tea industry continues to leap its development. Tieguanyin also used to learn from French wine successful experience

In France, there is a good saying, "Open a bottle of wine, just like opening a book." France is not the birthplace of wine, but French wine It is the most famous in the world. The reason is that the clever French people have built the solid and pure French wine winery culture, making her carry the glorious history of France, accompanied by the elegant and romantic French culture, and strictly strictly supervised the origin and quality of the place of origin and quality through the elegant and romantic French culture. The graded and wine label information spreads the poetic French wine culture to all parts of the world, and the brand has made a brand that has trusted the world for a long time. For a long time, Chinese tea and French wines have the two most dazzling pearls on the East and West on the earth, playing extremely important roles on the world's stage. Currently in China, Anxi Tieguanyin is well -known for its unique "Guanyin Rhyme" and "Orchid Fragrance", and gradually becomes the best representative of Chinese tea. With the unique planting conditions, unique and exquisite processing skills, unparalleled quality style ", she has become popular, becoming the best drink for people to pursue healthy and fashionable and improve quality of life.

In the recent time, Anxi County proposed that French wine and Anxi Tieguanyin have many commonities, and the success of French wine's success in market experience is worth learning from. They believe that the essence of the production and operation development model of the French Wine Manor will accelerate the transformation process from the traditional tea industry to the modern tea industry, and promote the continuous leap development of Anxi tea industry.

The quality control is refined into each tea garden. According to reports, the winery has two layers of meaning. The first layer is the planting and picking of grapes, and the first layer is the brewing of wine. One of the successful experiences of the French Winery Management Model is to move forward, control the quality of the quality of the wine to the site of the planting site, and realize the full process of prenatal, maternity, and postpartum.Quality control; there are also two links in tea, one is the management of tea gardens, and the other is made of tea. Tea and grapes are also excellent gardening crops. According to the quality of quality, the quality of quality starts from planting. The production of the French wine estate and the development of Anxi Tea Industry. The comparison of the two, in the form of production organizations, is also a small farmers' operation of "fine work". The professional cooperation organization of tea farmers is still in the stage of primary development.

Anxi County believes that it is necessary to control the safety and quality of tea from the source. At this point, the successful experience of Anxi Eight Horse in recent years is also what many tea companies can learn from. According to relevant sources in Anxi County, the Baza Tea Industry currently manages 25,000 acres of Tieguanyin Tea Garden in Anxi, with three operating management models of its own, cooperation, and agreement. Among them, 10,000 acres of tea gardens are Demonstration Bases of the Ministry of Agriculture GAP (good agricultural operation specifications). At the same time, Baya Tea has adopted the raw material production and supply management system of "point -to -point" in 2002 to ensure that the source of the raw materials is clear, the record is complete, and the origin is to trace back.

Establishing a brand image benchmark to enhance cultural connotation

It is understood that in the establishment of brand image, France has established a complete production area through the establishment of "legal origin name" and "production area hierarchical" The product protection legal system protects the quality and reputation of French wine, protects the legitimate rights and interests of fruit farmers and wine merchants, and plays a huge role in promoting international trade. In terms of brand marketing and consumers' awareness of products, French wine is known as a symbol of French culture. It has grown grapes, brewed wine, and tastes wine. It has become an art and discipline.

Anxi County believes that it is also a product protection product, and learn from the French wine estate model. The experience and practices of aspects are the main line of "quality management, brand building, quality definition, and character cultivation". The use of modern management and management methods to innovate the production and operation mechanism of Anxi tea industry, promote the continuous improvement of the quality of Anxi tea, improve the comprehensive comprehensive tea industry integration Competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities.

The combination of science and technology and culture support and innovation combines the integration of tradition and modernity. The support of science and technology and culture is one of the successful experiences of the French wineries business model. The biggest feature of the so -called Tieguanyin's tradition is to maintain the unique "Guanyin rhyme" and "orchid fragrance" of Tieguanyin. Some high -end Tieguanyin can not be replaced by modern technology, such as Tieguanyin's doing. The process of green workers is very complicated. It is definitely to look at the sky and green, and to see the green, and to be able to grasp it flexibly through the experienced tea master. However, in other links, Tieguanyin can achieve standardization and scale through modern science and technology to improve lifeProduction efficiency.To this end, the Ba Ma Tea Industry pointed out that it has always regarded scientific and technological progress as a weapon with the most powerful weapon to improve the industry level and the most powerful core competitiveness, which is the key to whether enterprises can win market competition.


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