Make good use of the famous trademark and promote the development of the enterprise

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[Abstract] Using the well -known trademark to promote the development of Wuzhou Tea Factory of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, it is a directly -owned enterprise of the Autonomous Region Supply and Marketing Cooperative. Founded in January 1953, it has been engaged in Liubao Tea production and is the largest Liubao tea processing enterprise in China. "Sanhe" and "Hegang" are the registered trademarks of the factory. Among them, the "Sanhe" registered trademark is a well -known trademark in Guangxi. In recent years, the factory has seized the historical opportunities of the rise of Liubao tea, actively implemented brand strategies, attached importance to and cultivated trademarks, and continuously created a new situation of production and operation. In 2006, the production of tea leaves was 1,391 tons, and the tax profit was 810,000 yuan. In 2007, it produced 2086 tons of tea and achieved tax and profit of 2.34 million yuan. In 2008, the production of tea leaves was 1,861 tons, and the tax profit was 2.68 million yuan. The factory's practice proves that using the well -known trademark and taking the road of brand development is an important part of promoting the steady development of enterprises. 1. Establish brand awareness and maintain trademark reputation. In today's eye economy, my country's tea consumption has gradually entered the "brand consumption" from "commodity consumption". Resident tea consumption is significantly concentrated in brand -name tea; companies with low brand or brands are facing the threat of being eliminated by the market. This requires that tea companies must adapt to new changes in market consumption, attach importance to and cultivate trademarks, take the road of brand development, and rise from "product marketing" to "brand marketing". Based on the above understanding, while paying attention to product quality, Wuzhou Tea Factory attaches more importance to brand building, internal management, outer tree image, and actively participating in the "Guangxi Well -known Trademark Selection and Confirmation Campaign". Target. In 2006, the factory passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification and QS certification. Since 2007, the factory has continued to make persistent efforts to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise by expanding production capacity, improving quality, maintaining the reputation and brand image of trademarks, and has been approved as "the key leading enterprise of the Guangxi Supply and Marketing Cooperative Federation" and "China National Supply and Marketing Cooperation Society. "Key leading enterprises" and "key leading enterprises in the agricultural industrialization of Wuzhou" and were included in the ranks of 30 key industrial enterprises in Wuzhou City. Director Liu Zessen achieved outstanding performance in quality management workThe title of "Wuzhou Outstanding Quality Management Worker" was awarded by the Wuzhou Economic Committee and Wuzhou Quality Management Association. 2. Expand the propaganda of trademarks, shaping the brand image, while the company's management has reached a new level, and the "Sanhe" trademark has won the famous trademark in Guangxi, Wuzhou Tea Factory attaches importance to expanding trademark promotion and shaping the brand image. First, the "Sanhe" trademarks are prominently indicated in commercial packaging, corporate brochure, and eye -catching positions; the "Sanhe" trademarks are focused on advertising and exhibition activities. The image, which is convenient for consumers to recognize and choose. The second is to actively participate in the domestic large -scale tea industry expo and famous tea competitions, expand trademark propaganda, and shape the "three cranes" brand Liubao tea "green, healthy, delicious, classic" drink image. Since 2007, the factory's "Sanhe" brand Liubao Tea has been circulating frequently. The Gold Award of the Tea Industry Expo ("07123 Liubao Tea"), 2007 China (Zhengzhou) International Tea Industry Expo Black Tea King ("53118 Liubao Tea"), 5th Guangzhou International Tea Culture Festival and 8th Guangzhou International Tea Culture Expo Gold Awards ("0303 Liubao Tea"), Beijing International Tea Industry Expo Special Gold Award and Gold Award ("0888 Liubao Tea" and "0503 Liubao Tea"), Guangxi Spring Tea Festival "Gui Tea Cup" famous tea review comparison The Black Tea Special Award ("0855 Six Fort Tea" and "9501 Six Fort Tea") were recognized by the Guangxi Quality Association as the "Satisfied Product of users in the region" in 2007, reaching a good brand promotion and promotional effect. The third is to strive for the designated gifts of the "Sanhe" brand Liubao Tea as a designated gift for major government economic and trade activities. For example, during the 8th Western International Expo in 2007 and the Fourth Pan -Pearl River Delta Regional Cooperation and Development Forum and Economic and Trade Fair, the "Sanhe" brand Liubao Tea was served as a delegation of the Guangxi District People's Government and the Guangxi District Economic and Trade Council During the commemorative gifts of the guests; during the 2008, the Liubao Tea · Tea Industry Expo, Wuzhou City, Guangxi, the "Sanhe" brand Liubao Tea was praised as a commemorative gift from the guests of the people's government of Wuzhou City. The fourth is to strengthen media propaganda and promote the "Sanhe" brand. The factory uses an increase in advertising, interviewed by television, newspapers, or writing papers, or participating in social welfare activities, promotes Liubao tea culture, promotes the famous trademarks of the "Sanhe", shows corporate style, and establishes a good image of leading enterprises. Through multi -approach trademark promotion and brand promotion activities, the factory's "Sanhe" brand's popularity and reputation have greatly improved, and the brand effect has been significantly enhanced. Become the preferred gift for consumers to visit relatives and friends at all levels. Third, trademarks are registered overseas to expand tea export. In order to expand the influence of famous trademarks abroad, in August 2007, Wuzhou Tea Factory successfully registered the "Sanhe" trademark in Malaysia. Many dealers reported that the effect was good. At that time, four customers were added to increase the sales of $ 80,000; in 2008, tea exportsAnother 110%over 2007.The Liubao tea marked by the "Sanhe" trademark is welcomed by foreign and overseas consumers.


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