The etiquette of making tea for guests, basic etiquette of tea rules

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If it is not a tea artist, the daily tea is not particular about etiquette. As long as you can make delicious tea, it is the best hospitality for guests. Of course, if you really pay attention to this etiquette, let's share the etiquette rules for making tea for guests today. Let's learn it together.

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1. Just pour seven points when pouring tea. As the saying goes: u0026 ldquo; Tea Manba u0026 rdquo;, Tea Man is inconvenient to hold a cup.

2. The arms should bypass the tea set to take things, and should not cross the tea set. When making tea, you should make a humble mentality to respect each tea set. At the same time, keep the tea table tea utensil clean.

3. Before the owner is making tea, you should first take out some famous tea in the tea tray for guests to choose to express the owner's respect for the guests. And dry fragrance.

4. When pouring tea, the outlet should be facing your own side. Several is respectful, everything must be served for guests. The place where the mouth is facing represents a humble status, of course, it is to facing yourself. At the same time, in case the hot water splashes, it will not be hot to the guests.

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5. The so -called u0026 ldquo; high flushing, low tea u0026 ldquo; What you want is to pay attention not to splash tea, so that the amount of tea and water per guest can be the same to indicate The tea ceremony is fair and equal, without the meaning of this. When dividing tea, the tea cup is mostly in front of the guest's right hand.

6. Put the tea in the tea tube into the pot or cup. You should use bamboo or wooden teaspoons to take in. Do not grab it with your hands. If there is no teaspoon, the tea tube can be tilted to the pot or cup gently, so that the appropriate amount of tea leaves into the pot or cup. This is a manifestation of hygiene and civilization.

7. Whether you take the cup or Feng tea, and borrow your own cups. There should be one point at the bottom of the cup with one hand, and the other hand supports the lower part of the ring or the lower part of the cup below 1/2 of the tea cup. Try to use the tea beef.

8. Use both hands to rotate with both hands in water injection, warm cups, hot pots. Generally, the right hand is used in the direction of the counterclockwise, similar to the gesture of greeting, which means u0026 ldquo; come, come, come, to u0026 rdquo; welcomes. Conversely, it becomes a hint of gimmicking u0026 ldquo; go, go, go u0026 rdquo; If it is the left hand, it is clockwise.

9. The general tea owner uses the right hand to hold the pot or justice to pour tea for the guests. It should pour tea from left to right. On the right to the left counter, the mouth is pouring tea for the guests. The pot mouth keeps moving forward like a sharp blade, becoming an aggressive action, and everyone will sit restless. Of course, if you are used to holding a pot with your left hand, you can reverse the hour hand.

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10. Some tea owners, cherish their pots very much. In brewing tea, it is inevitable to wipe the pot, play with rubbing, and even many pots. When raising your hands, these extra movements have affected the attention of guests' tea. In the same way, during the tea tasting, it is also made by organizing tea tables and wiping tables and chairs.

11. When the tea set is placed, the pot mouth should not directly alert a guest. "Book of Rites u0026 Middot; Shaoyi": u0026 ldquo; Honor, faces its nose. u0026 rdquo; This is the meaning of respect. The nose, the handle also. The pot mouth and the pot handle are opposite. If the handle is used to the guest, the guest is respected; on the contrary, if you use the mouth to the guest, the guest is humble. Therefore, you cannot use the pot to visit the guests. This ceremony is vulgar.

12. Do not wear too much scattered jewelry on your hands and wrists when making tea. On the one hand, it is not conducive to brewing tea, and these accessories often hinder the coherent elegance of movements. On the other hand, the tea book pays attention to elegance, and it cannot be loud and let the jewelry grab the tea's limelight. If the jewelry is exposed to the tea soup, it will be even more rude.

13. Do not use perfume or fragrance hand cream because it will affect the aroma of tea. The taste of the tea itself is elegant. If there are other flavors mixed in, tea is failed. And tea is originally a very tasteful thing, so don't let other fragrance affect the tea fragrance.

The above is some of the basic etiquette rules when making tea and tea for guests. Did you learn from it after reading it?


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