What is the best effect of pouring flowers?

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What is the best effect of pouring flowers?

What is the best effect of pouring flowers?

1. Tea

Many people now drink tea and use the remaining cold tea to pour flowers. It can really use it. Nitrling fertilizer, pay attention to filtering the tea, otherwise it will affect the beauty.

2. tap water

Tap water may be the most common water for everyone. It should be the most common with it to pour flowers, but the current tap water is disinfected with chlorine gas, which is residual. The chlorine chlorine has strong oxidation and has a destructive effect on plants, so it is not recommended to use it.

3. Fish farming water

The water for fish farming is rich in fertilizer, which can make plant flowers and plants better moisturize and grow better.

4, cool water

Liangkai water cannot drink for people, but it has a very good effect on plants. It can promote plant flowering.

5. Metamorphosis

The deterioration milk can also be used. Put the milk to water and put more water. Growth and opening up.

6. Tao Rice Water

Tao rice water may be poured directly. In fact, the rice water is also a good watering water. The bonsai is leafy and bright.


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