How much is 2 pounds of Heman turtles worth?

reptile (6) 2022-08-06 16:40:31

1. How much can two pounds of turtles sell
20,000 fast RMB


to see the variety [ 123]

A hundred yuan
2. How much can I have a Brazilian turtle about two pounds?
The price is not high, it is about 100 yuan
[ 123]

Go to the local pet market for valuation, or someone accepts your turtle to give you the right price

Too common common It's! Value is not high!

There are also two pounds when I bought my family, 15 yuan, and Brazilian turtles belong to a relatively flooded turtle species in China because of its survivability and reproduction of reproduction Power is much stronger than local turtles.

The price is not allowed, if you like it, you can raise some

3, two pounds of Brazilian turtles to sell
Brazil's most general turtle 40-50 one kg


1000 or more
4. How much is this turtle that is a wild two pounds and a half pounds.

15-30 yuan per catty, the location of the general acquisition of turtles:
1. Pet business in the flower and bird market;
2. Hotel, restaurant for consumption; When pets are used;
4. Professional farmers collect seedlings.

What kind of variety to be depends on, be careful of being deceived. Many of them are released to turtles, not wild, many are foreign species, and there are fewer wild turtles.



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