Why does the Herman Turtle bite people

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1. Why do turtles bite people? And don't bite people?
It feels dangerous, so resisting, so biting. It knows that it is not fast, so it will be bitten, otherwise it is estimated that it will also run and run away, but it will not run, but it is very depressed

] In both cases, they will bite people. When the first feeding food, he used to feed you with your hands and think that you are a food.
Second, when you are angry, the turtles usually shrink into the shell, but it will resist when it is anxious.
2. Why does my turtle bite the man before

Brazilian turtles will bite people, and the turtles eat in the water

So do not put your fingers close to him in the water He will mistakenly think that it is food to bite

After leaving the water, you do n’t have to be afraid that after leaving the water, he wo n’t bite people and bite people. Loose mouth. The turtle is not clear

The turtle will attack the person (large)
The turtle's food is very mixed, almost everything eats. But there are preferences, basically the preference for meat
But I suggest that it is better to feed live, which is good for the health of the turtle. Generally, the size of the turtle is the size of the turtle, and the shell is just broken. I recommend feeding red insects (mosquito larvae). When feeding shrimp, note that the shell of the shrimp is removed, especially the shrimp head, so as not to stab the esophagus. Generally, the fish is fed and the catfish (common name: wearing fish) is generally available for the flower and bird market. Usually pay attention to the quality of water. The requirements of turtles are very high. The malignant changes in water quality can cause many diseases. The most commonly seen white eye disease is caused by the changes in water quality. It is recommended that everyone use soft water, which is boiled water. This water is very good, the texture is soft, and the turtle stimulation is not great

It may be when it is hungry. Fortunately, my little turtle was bitter


You'd better not move it during hibernation, just like you When I sleep, I was suddenly awakened. Of course you would be angry, and the turtle was the same .. I was bitten twice by it ..

He may be hungry, it may be possible, it may be possible The smell on your body is wrong, so I bite it
3. Why did my turtle bite people? Intersection
Take the barrel or washbasin full of water, and then put the turtle in the water in the water. It naturally escaped in the water. Here I wish you physical fitness
Kang Wanwu, thinking

, Happy New Year,

Special shell. Essence

Take a barrel or washbasin, fill the water, and then put the turtle in the water. To the waterNaturally, it fled. I haven't seen it yet.
4. Will the turtles bite the owner? Is it painful? Under what circumstances will you bite? What should I do after being bitten

I raised a Brazilian turtle since childhood and fed it with my hands. I started to bite my hand at first. After a long time, I can accurately judge that it is food and not bite my hand. Usually pick it up and play with it, it will open your mouth to scare you. Generally don't bite, unless you play too much, you still bite. The little turtle bites without pain, and it will be loose. It is turtle and tadpoles that bite. The little turtle I raised still knows the master. I am very happy, and it doesn't bite me. When it saw me, it was also very happy and active.

Give the turtle a bigger cylinder to see the effect It doesn't matter if you just bite it occasionally, if you bite it, it will be separated by it [ 123] The third floor is a positive solution, and it is okay to be bitten. Just take some potion. I have also tried to bite by the Brazilian turtle that I was raised. The little turtle is not painful to bite. Look at the variety, generally don't bite, but if you are fed, you usually take food to feed. In this case, when you put your fingers in front of it The fingers are bite when the food is bite, which means that it will not take the initiative to bite people. Even if it is bitten, it does not hurt. The turtle below 20cm is bitter. The turtles such as crocodile turtles, eagle mouths will not work, and those who take the initiative to bite 7 or 8cm can bite bleeding. The turtle bite is not like someone described by someone described. The rabbit is in a hurry and bites people. Only when it feels threatened, it will attack people. The turtles will not be loose after biting. As a result, it was still bitten. After being bitten, you should quickly put it in the water, and it is loose when you touch the water. Then disinfect the wound and bandage. Generally ] Because it is not only docile, but also the courage is very small Unless it is a big turtle


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