How to deal with land turtles is not committed to illegal

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1. Why don't the turtles be sold now?
See what turtles are, Burma is a protective animal, but there are also stolen soldiers. Caval is also a national level.
As for many places such as Leopard Turtle, Sukada, Star and Radiation, there are many places in many places such as the stars and radiation.
2. Turtles who have been raised for 3 years, changed the environment
Huahua World Team [Wasteland Ronin] to answer the new environment for you, it is best to ensure that one -third of the land and two -thirds of shallow water pairs For the turtle, right? Is it true that the original poster is a turtle [Chinese turtle]? The basic common sense of raising turtles is that the turtle is very timid and there is no need to carry the shell. The water that likes to be quiet likes to contain artificial additives without artificial additives. Try to avoid high -fat foods from not adapted to the performance of the new environment is based on food ~ My turtle has taken it for two months and did not eat it at all. As long as two or more turtles are changed together, there is no big discomfort. If you have any problems or you need to identify the health of your turtle, welcome to the landlord.
The new environment will definitely be a bit uncomfortable. After a while, it will adapt to

The main manifestation of the inappropriateness is to climb and stop eating everywhere

Just pay attention to the layout and temperature
3. What should I do if the little turtle is sick and the stomach is not good
Hello friends, I am glad to answer it for you! I also like turtles! I do a wild turtle business, so I have a little understanding of the treatment of turtles! Haha

Your turtle rot is caused by poor water quality. Take it out and let it leave the water, otherwise it will be more serious! Generally, poor water quality can cause rot skin, and the chance of rotten armor is smaller! Is the turtle rotten armor just discovered, is it serious?

Most of the turtle rotten armor starts with the abdominal armor first. The symptoms of rotten nails are blood wires under the shell and a faint blood clot. When pressing gently, it will quickly extend the head and feet, showing the pain, showing the pain. Intersection

It is necessary to take a disinfected small scissors, lift off a shell outside, and scrape the rotten meat inside! If the rotten is relatively shallow and the bleeding is not much, you do n’t need to go to Yunnan Baiyao, wipe it with iodine, and then put it in a clean and dry place to dry it!

If it is rotten, it may be prone to bleeding. It is best to take some Yunnan white medicine to stop bleeding for the first time, and then use gauze to bandage. After 2-3 days, you can change the medicine. You do n’t need Yunnan Baiyao! After wiping iodophor disinfection, you can do it directly! If you want to heal fast! Go to the pharmacy to buy more than 100 states! Apply on the rotten armor! Recovery quickly! The effect of more than 100 states is very good! It's more expensive! A small ointment, 17 yuan, but for the health of the turtle! Still value! Ha ha

Do not have a chance! It will be good by itself! If the rotten armor does not dig off the rotten meat, it will continue to rot slowly until you wear the internal organs! Because raising at home, the turtles are not like the wild, and the wild is the living water of nature! Turtles will not have rot skin and rot disease!

So be sure to snack it hard and dig out the rotten meat! Scrape it lightly! Until the rotten, soft, and the same residue as tofu dregs! Rotten armor healing is relatively long! It takes 1 month to really launch!

If it is just a rotten skin, it is easy to treat it. It will be better for a few days after wiping the iodine of the rotten skin!

Gastroenteritis is usually feeded frozen or too much, and caused by too much digestion. This disease requires soil pinomycin bath, and rotten nails must be dried. Rotten armor is urgent to treat treatment. The disease prevention and treatment spread deeper, so the rotten armor is treated, it can be dropped, and then intestinalitis! It doesn't matter if enteritis! I feel that in the process of your maintenance, you will slowly adjust it yourself!

Okay, all of them are hit by yourself, I hope to help you, if you still do n’t understand! You can ask me at any time!

Ectular injuries 〖Causes〗 Turtles bite each other or other factors cause skin damage. 〖Symptoms〗 Epidermal damage, bleeding or local redness, pus in the affected area, severe appetite, and depression. [Prevention] (1) Reduce breeding density. Raise turtles and larvae turtle pools should be separated by separation. (2) The sick turtle can be wiped with iodine and keeps dry at the wound. In severe cases, antibiotic drugs should be added to the bait. Corticidal disease [Cause] Caused by monocyric infection. Due to other reasons, the skin injury, the germs took advantage of the deficiency, causing skin tissue necrosis of the injured area. [Symptoms] The affected part of the diseased turtle can be seen by the naked eye, and the epidermis is white. [Prevention] First remove the rotten epidermis and dead skin of the affected area, and then apply chlinomycin eye ointment to apply the antibiotic pharmaceutical oral treatment to the feed. Rotten armor [Causes] After the crustal is worn, bacteria invade and cause crustacean ulceration. [Symptoms] The surface ulcers of the crustacean, in severe cases, can even see muscles. [Prevention] Remove the rotten armor of the diseased turtle, then wipe the affected area with hydrogen peroxide, and then apply potassium permanganate crystal powder to the wound. It is recommended to use potassium permanganate crystal powder.

1. Treatment of rotten disease:
The treatment of rotten disease should be early. At that time, even medicine is not easy to use.
1. In the early stages of the condition: If the wound does not ulcerate, you can wipe it repeatedly with 1%hydrogen peroxide for disinfection and sterilization, and then apply chlorein ointment to anti -inflammatory. ,,Operation every day, last to two weeks, observe the wound changes at any time.

2. In the middle of the disease: If the wound begins to ulcerate, first remove the residual objects of rotten, use disinfected dumplings and needles to carefully pick out the tofu dregs. Don't pick more. Then use medical alcohol for disinfection and sterilization, apply chlusterin ointment. You can consider bandaging with gauze. It lasts for one to two weeks during the treatment. At the same time, the wound is dry, and the original breeding environment is completely disinfected to avoid secondary infections.
Second, poor stomach and stomach generally suffer from gastroenteritis.
Turtle enteritis is a common disease in turtle disease. The diseased turtle with enteritis was initially weak, reduced appetite, stools were not formed, and in severe cases of egg white, black or liver color. The acidity test is strong, and the phenomenon of vomiting during artificial feeding. In the later period, the eyeballs were submitted, the skin was dry and relaxed, no elastic, no gloss, and died in the final failure.
1. Discover early isolation treatment of enteritis patients to avoid infection.
2. Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions: 5 grams of Huanglian, 5 grams of yellow essence, 5 grams of carcass, 6 grams of purslane, and 3 grams of dandelion.
3, medication method: Put the above -mentioned Chinese herbal medicine dry products and cook in the casserole for 2 hours, remove the liquid to remove the residue, add 500 grams of chopped pork lung (or cattle, sheep lung) and mix well. Squeeze the lungs a few times with your hands, let the medicinal solution inhale into the lungs, and then put the turtle on the food table. This prescription is about 100 grams of turtles 30-40 a day dosage, which is healed for 3 days.
4. If the diseased turtle has been abolished, 100 grams per muscle injection of 0.5 ml of muscle injection, or Houttuynia cordata injection, or wearing a heart lotus injection, and feed the above -mentioned appetite to feed the above. prescription.
4. What should I do if the turtle's claws are rotten? Worried,
Don't worry, it doesn't matter. Essence Essence Essence Essence When it is sunny, expose the sun more, and soak water on a cloudy day, it will naturally be good. Essence Essence The most important thing for treatment is to persist. Your turtle self -healing ability is very powerful, so don't worry. Don't worry, ^ ^
Those who can raise turtles have been raised for many years and never need to take medicine. Essence Essence Essence The damage to the turtle is very great. As long as the turtles need to take more sun, the ultraviolet rays will help you disinfect and treat it. And calcium supplementation, it will work fast if you use the medicine, but the damage to the turtle is very large. Restore, the constitution will naturally be better in the future. If you use the medicine, enter the vicious circle, continue to get sick, and finally die. Essence Essence Essence Essence My practical experience is like this. Essence Essence Essence Essence Therefore, you do not advocate that you treat it with drugs, and it is recommended to use the sun. Essence Essence Essence

If the turtles are raised, do not be too dirty and feed pork, expose the sun, and do not have a big chance to avoid getting sick when changing water. Essence Essence

I have raised turtles for many years. I never need medicine. At most, I just use alcohol and saline to disinfect it. You can refer to it .......

Of course, it would be good for a week if the medication was used, and the ointment (wound) was applied with erythromycin ointment (wound), and three times a day, so it worked in this week.

Whether it is a natural recovery or medication, do not put it in water during treatment, just drink water.

This paw was rotten, relying on the sun, cured, no medicine, about two months.

Your turtle may have rotten skin disease. What you have to do now is to do it. Don't soak in the water anymore, otherwise you die faster. Your turtle's condition should be very serious. It is difficult to treat, so try your best.

Cortex disease

Cause: Caused by monotchococcus. Due to the large feeding density, the turtles bite each other. After the germs invaded, they caused necrosis of the skin tissue of the injured area. Water pollution can also cause turtles to suffer from this disease.
Symptoms: The affected part of the diseased turtle can be seen by the naked eye, and the epidermis is white.
Prevention: First remove the rotten skin and dead skin of the affected area, apply chlinomycin eye ointment, once a day. If the turtle eats it by itself, you can add meterin powder to the bait; if the turtle has stopped eating, it can be fed with omosin at a amount of 1 gram per kilogram of turtle, and then the diseased turtle is isolated. Do not raise water to avoid aggravating the condition. Turtle is recovered and then entered the pool.

Mild rot skin disease is most likely to occur in parts with more skin folds such as armpits, spans, and neck.
Severe rotten skin disease. The head of the diseased glasses can no longer be expanded normally.

Causes: Caused by monocyric infection.
Prevent: Apply the affected area with chlinomycin eye ointment, and then add antibiotic drugs oral and cooperative therapy to the feed.
(You can put the medicine in the food and let it eat it.)

You should not be too anxious, the turtle is very big! I thought my turtle that year was very good to live by self -reliance, I didn't care about it, hehe ... ashamed ... maybe it is inflammation, now the weather is hot and easy to infect, mainly to help it sterilize, and there is it. If you do n’t want to soak water, the bacteria breeding is faster, and we are not a professional doctor after all. You should consider seeing it to take a look at the pet hospital! I wish your turtle recover soon! (^o^)/


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