Which is fun of Herman tortoise or Sakada turtle

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1. What are the benefits and badness of all aspects of the Sukada Turtle and Herman Turtle? There are many prices ...
Sukada is relatively domineering suitable for local tyrants to support Herman's high ornamentation. It is five or six hundred, saying that two thousand is the turtle turtle
2. Leopard tortoise, Herman, Myanmar, European turtle, European, Star Turtle, Sukada, boots, and four -claws Strong, love to bite other turtles
The type of turtle is so chaotic, if you must arrange it. Sukada-Leopard Turtle-Boot Turtle, European-Herman-Star Turtle-Four Claw-Burma.

Burmese, four claws are basically not stones. Sakada, Star Turtle Stone is the worst. Star Turtles are divided into Myanmar and India, and India is more severe than Myanmar's stones.

This one depends on the size, and the second depends on the male and female. In fact, the turtle is also very emotional. Generally speaking It won't fight, and occasionally caught conflicts.

Sukada is more active, stronger attack
Leopard is easy to stones, Heman and Europe have never been exposed ... I don't know

The turtle distribution area in you includes the desert jungle plateau rain forest. You cannot integrate these environments together. The Sakada leopard desert turtle can be raised together. It's not that some turtles can mix with a turtle shell.
It doesn't matter except for the situation of Sakada's merging!

The same type does not bite
3. Help! Which is good for Sukada or Leopard tortoise, which is suitable for the north,
Is Sakarda a much better stomach and intestinal than a leopard?

I suggest you raise your face or Hermusu It is better to raise than a leopard, but it is more than 10cm. At least 8cm, it is best to have a player. You can first look at the top post of the forum

Raising Heman. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

Leopard always loves to eat, Su is better to raise

Su, it is said that the leopard is difficult to support
4. Leopard tortoise Which is better to raise with the Sakada Turtle
To be honest, no kind of turtle is absolutely easy to raise, that is, Brazil, Myania will also have a lot of diseases, and there will be problems. The habits, environmental requirements, feeding methods, and disease prevention can also be raised well. There are very different differences between the two turtles of Leopard and Su. It is relatively high, especially the humidity. It is difficult for leopards to adapt to the high humidity environment. Generally 40% -50 % humidity is already relatively high for leopard turtles. It is more suitable to maintain self-love 28-32 degrees. Leopard turtles are recognized as poor gastrointestinal among various terrestrial turtles. Clean, high fiber, low water. Sukada's requirements for the environment are not as harsh as a leopard tortoise. Although it is a desert turtle, the humidity is 50 % -60 %, the temperature is about 28-30, and the stomach is much stronger than the leopard tortoise. The biggest threat is stones. Pay attention to take a bath every day, pay attention to acid discharge, and tightly prevent good stones. Generally, there are not many problems. Sakada is very energetic, has the habit of digging soil. It should also be reminded that Sakada is the third major turtle in the world and grows fast. People who have no place in the family must be cautious ...

That is very very very very It depends on how you raise
What turtles are slowly domesticated
If you want to raise it, I think that is good. If you are a novice, I suggest that you raise Burma for cheap Select


Leopard tortoise

It is not easy to typing, adopt it!


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