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1. What is the difference between Bentley Continental GT and European Flying?
So, Flying is a super luxurious car GT is a luxury sports car. They are all four -seater. But Flying is the same price of four GT engine configurations. 123]

Bentley Continental GT, Features

In -depth in the interior, European GT actually has a number of technological innovations and breakthroughs, and applies cutting -edge technologies for the automotive manufacturing industry today. The 12 -cylinder 6 -liter twin -turbo engine in W -type W -type is the shortest 12 -cylinder car engine in the world. European GT is the king of the four real sports cars in the world: a speed of 192 miles/h (309 km/h), the acceleration can be accelerated to 0-60 miles/hour (in 4.8 seconds (in 4.8 seconds, it can accelerate to 0--- 100 km/h). At the same time, the European GT is also the largest quantitative model of the world's maximum horsepower and minimum speed and high torque. The maximum horsepower is 560PS (552BHP) ([Email u0026#160; Protected]); the maximum torque is 479 1B FT (650Nm)@1600rpm. While obtaining maximum horsepower and maximum torque, the engine can still maintain a low speed to ensure that the vehicle can exert its performance vividly in any state. As the first four -wheel drive Bentley, the European GT has a six -front speed automatic/manual transmission: four -wheel drive and electronic stability procedures can not only meet the perfect performance of power and comfort, but also better ensure the safety of the car's safety Sex and reliability. Performance
The European GT prototype outlined by the best car designer Dirk Van Braeckel from the design concept to the Bentley Continental GT
has only spent 5 months. The power performance and the spacious and luxurious space in the super two -door coupe are very practical, which is comparable to the car. The European GT carriage is designed to be extremely comfortable and spacious, allowing four people to enjoy luxurious and spacious space at the same time. The B -pillar -free design allows the glass window to extend from the front to the rear of the car to make the entire compartment look light. Inner concave design front seat back to the back seat passengers can hold their feet comfortably. Place the 90 -liter gasoline fuel tank to the bottom of the car, so that the European GT has obtained a 355 -liter oversized rear box. For example, a relaxed golf friendly match, the rear box can put down two full sets of golf. And this innovative design is enough to make European GT proud of the heroes.
Edit this paragraph of exquisite handmade manufacturing
The new European -containing GT is the unique boutique in the Bentley family. Carefully hand -made leather: On average, more than 400 high -quality leather per car should be used. About 15 Beef, each cow only uses about 4 square meters of skin, processing through multiple processes, smooth, soft, waterproof and wear -resistant;To the market, hand -made double -line sewing, the holder can feel extremely passion and enthusiasm. Really superior wood decorative panels: Each piece of wood can be traced back to the trees it comes from, and choose to import the beoned tree tumor with patterns or unique bird eyes and maple - The value of itself; the wooden ornaments of each Bentley car are completely the same, regardless of the color and texture, and the seam interfaces can hardly see the traces of the seams. Then the technicians use the most primitive methods to be beeswax 8 times, making the surface light as bright as the surface is as bright as flowers. The mirror, seamlessly. The spray paint of Guang Kejian people: All Bentley's body has been treated 15 times, and the Guangke is a person. The rigorous quality can be called the crown of the world's automobile production. Bentley's luxury interior was created by the craftsmen's lifetime craftsmanship. Therefore, each European -containing GT is 100 % handmade as the other Bentley family models, which takes 5 to 6 months to make it to be completed. I did not find Yefu Feichi,


GT is a double coupe
and Flying is a four -door luxury car.
The engine is the same.
Sky is just a back seat than GT. The space is bigger.

Hello, there are two versions of GT and European continental series. There is currently no GTL in China. The European GT is a three -door sports car, and the European Flying is a five -door car. The difference between the two cars is mainly the shape of the car. The difference in performance can be omitted.

2. Which is better for Bentley European and Bentley Mu Moshan, and what is the difference
Bentley Mushan is the best to mark the phantom of Rolls -Royce. The second is Flying W12, the benchmarking Mercedes -Benz S600L, and then the Bentley continent is equivalent to coupe. The V8 engine is full of power and luxurious interior materials. There are basically no big disadvantages except for high fuel consumption.

This question Most people cannot answer the two versions of Flying Chichi Mushang's fastest order 4 months to about 600

The top of the top can buy Two presidents of the top match are not compared with a class of cars together.

Europe is the best. Essence

3. Is Bentley flying and continental coupe? What are the flat coupes with them?

Yes, it is a coupe, but the European Supr Sport is a super -run. Others are coupe.
At present, the same -class cars that can compare with Bentley seem to be Maybach and Rolls -Royce. Maybach does not have a coupe. Rolls -Royce belongs to a coupe. It belongs to a luxury car, and the same level is the same)

Ya Jun stopped production in 2005.
Ya Jun was at a level with Rolls -Royce's new generation of dangerous roads at the time, belonging to luxury coupes, saying luxuryTobls are also fine.
I have a car review about Ya Jun who previously made a report. Let me pass it to you, and make a lot of contact information

in the figure This is the current entry-level model of Bentley-Europe. European Flying is one of the three major members of the Bentley Continental series, which is the four -door version of the European GT GT. At present, Bentley is the cheapest and most sales model. The body size is: 5307mm × 1976mm × 1479mm, the wheelbase is 3065mm, the current European Flying is equipped with a 6.0 -liter W12 turbo engine, the maximum power of 411 kW (560 hp)/6100 rpm, the maximum torque 650 Nm/1650 rpm With a 6 -speed automatic transmission, it accelerates for 5.2 seconds per 100 kilometers and the highest speed is 312km/h, so it is also known as the fastest large 4 luxury sedan currently running in the world. The current price is about 2.98 million.
4. What does Bentley PDC mean

This is the landlord's confusion about the concept of the name.
There have been special reports before the car home.
Bentley Europe Flying is now officially renamed Bentley Flying, and has since bid farewell to Europe.
The previous Bentley continental flying was a four -door car, and Bentley Europe was two sports cars.
It is now a distinction.
Continental is two sports cars, and flying is a four -door car. There is no difference.

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