Is Herman a desert or rain forest type

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1. What type of Sand monk belongs to the Human whole brain model?
Whole Brain Model is Dr. Ned Herrmann, the director of the GE Management Development Center in the 1970s, is curious about his interest in musicians, artists, and scientists. As a result, the study of brain thinking preferences was established by the University of Texas in 1976 to prove the HBDI theory by the University of Texas. It is a way to analyze the way of thinking of individuals and organizations.
People have obvious methods to recognize absorption information, make decisions and solve problems. Once a person understands his own way of thinking, it is used to improve communication, leadership ability, organizational ability, processing ability, decision -making ability, and the development of other individuals and people's development.

Support it that it feels pretty
2. Is Herman raised? Don't worry about stones?
The adult is very easy to raise. Because it is European species, it is suitable for northern support. However, if the temperature is less than 10 degrees, it should be heated.

It means that there are risks of young turtles. In addition, the words of people who have severely imbalanced Herman's body must be controlled

I heard that it is not difficult. But it tastes strong and has the risk of parasitic insects. It's really not a time to enter the turtle, unless you are the people around Hainan.

The people of Hainan said that his Heman was also warming. Essence Essence I can't afford to hurt a dozen degrees a day. Essence Essence

Heman is cold-resistant, there is a danger of stones, but the danger is low. Pay attention to the humidity under the heating light. The humidity can be 50-70%.

Hahaha. Essence Essence It turns out that you also have a day of warming! I am satisfied. In other words, Hainan also has a temperature difference of 10 degrees.
3. The four -clawed land tortoise Herman land turtle is more cold -resistant and better in physical fitness. It can not be heated in the northern winter ...
There is heating in the north and 20 degrees in winter. Can.

Heman is about 80. Essence Essence Essence About 10-15 centimeters sold at about 10-15 cm! About 5 cm of four claws about 5 cm! Be careful not to go in because of playing four claws haha!

The paw is cold -resistant than Heman. You can see the geographical location of the origin of the two varieties, and the area where the paws are distributed are lower than the temperature of the distributed area of u200bu200bHeman.

The indoor indoors in the north are not heated, you need to be sureWhat is the temperature of the interior? And how long the temperature decreases and rises in winter. Generally speaking, as long as indoor feeding, it needs to be heated.

The claws and Heman will hibernate, and the temperature starts to enter the physiological slowdown state of the quasi -hibernation than 15 degrees. Otherwise, it will hang up. The claws and Heman in the field of origin, hibernation will dig holes on the ground, the ground temperature is below zero, but the underground temperature can be kept about 4-7 degrees. Heman digs a hole for 30-60cm. The depth of 2 meters is to keep the temperature at this level. Therefore, the temperature in the room cannot be less than 4 degrees.
In addition, regardless of the claws or Herman, it is prepared to sleep. You need to store body fat. You need to stop eating at least a week before hibernation. Often not digested for a month or two, and the food will be moldy in the stomach). The turtle (14cm) hibernation period is not more than 4 months, and the small turtle (5-10cm) hibernation period is not more than two months. This is the ideal state. At the same time, pay attention to keeping humidity. When the hibernation is free, it becomes a turtle. There is water in the soil in the wild. If you are at home, you have to prepare a similar environment of hibernation.
Generally, the temperature reaches more than 10 degrees, and the turtle began to wake up, but the mobility is still poor. It takes about 17 or 8 degrees to barely restore the ability to eat and drink (the vitality of more than 20 degrees). So you need to determine whether the temperature in your home can meet the above conditions, and ensure that the cycle of this temperature changes should not be more than 4 months (the big turtles can boil a little longer, and the little turtle may be troublesome). In a large situation, especially at home during the day, no one at home is below 10 degrees turtles hibernation. At night, people go home and do something to open some air conditioners. In a few days, your turtle was broken. There is also no case, for example, in October, about 15 degrees, and the temperature is only 10 degrees in December. There is also the temperature of 15 degrees in February, and it rose to 20 degrees by the end of March. Then the turtle did not eat or drink for a month or two after sleeping.
Finally, the turtles that are usually raised artificially are not as resistant to survival in the wild, especially small turtles, so generally 5 or 6cm turtles do not let it hibernate in the first winter. Many people's little turtles In this way, it is gone. You must know that the survival rate of the wild turtles is actually very low. Most of the little turtles fall on the hibernation of the first year. The insurance hibernation must be more than 10cm.

My claws do not warm throughout the year, and natural hibernation

Four claws
4. Herman is black or yellow Good -looking
Testudo Hermanni), Turtle family.Symbolism, especially beans, sometimes predatory earthworms, snails and insects.The Herman Turtle is one of the representative varieties of the European turtle. It has a strong physique, a good personality, a moderate price, and a medium -sized body shape.Northern Africa, southern Europe, and central Asia, Sardinia, Coskijia.A length does not exceed 20 cm.There is 1 upper hip shield, there is no large wart-shaped scales on the thigh, and 5-10 small scales on the front edge of the forelimb.Inhabits in the area with rich plants in dry grasslands or shrubs.The size of the adult back armor is about 20-30cm.



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