Is the Herman land turtle look good when he grows up?

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1. When the turtles grow up, they look good
each has its own beauty. At present, the mainstream aesthetics of the land turtle world is the high -back circular pattern beautiful and more popular. Essence

Suscada Black Boots Yellow Leopard Leopard
All are the turtle species that can grow up quickly

Beauty -looking is a one is a one. Very subjective questions, for example, you like dark or light colors, small tortoises are still medium or large, and those who like round or rolling are flat. Finally, consider whether it is suitable for your current breeding conditions. For example, when Sukada grew up, it was Jin Chancan. Children can also sit up, and the price is relatively cheap, but it is easy to run back and stones. Radiation of black gold, round and drum, but the price is relatively high. You can simply talk about breeding and personal preferences.

What you said is good or other things, because the aesthetic views are different, everyone's good looks are not the same.
1. If the pattern is said, the most commonly said is Ango, radiation, star turtle, leopard print.
2. If it is good -looking from the body shape, Gala and Yada are well -deserved black and strong, followed by Sakada, leopard print, yellow legs and so on.
3. If the style of the shell is concerned, I feel that the concave armor is very handsome, and the other Ango's high back is also very attractive.
The above is the mainstream of the mainstream turtle. Other Myanmar, European, biscuits, red legs, etc. can only be said that radish and cabbage have their own love.

There is no
This is the truth
It doesn't matter what kind of variety is good
At most is domineering, and it refers to the body shape.
Considering the domestic situation, except for you It is a local tyrant or living in the countryside. There are many places
. It is not soaked in one shit. One sour is enough for you.
The appearance is really not particularly good -looking.

Personally I think the Sakada turtle turtle is good, docile, good -looking; Star Turtle is also good, and European golden turtles, when they grow up, they are also yellow. Is the Heman tortoise raised, how old can the Hermantu turtle grow

Herman land turtle belongs to small and medium-sized turtles, a relatively easy torture turtle in the European system. Generally, the male is about 12-15 cm. It will be larger, and at the limit of 15-20 cm

Heman's turtle is a very good land turtle. It can be kept in summer, but it is necessary to drink water for the water basin, and there must be evasion to avoid excessive temperature. In autumn and winter, you cannot be raised. It is placed in a box in the room, equipped with heating lights and UVB. Essence
3. What kind of turtles look good, mainly because of the growing turtles when they grow upThe back is round, there will be no feeling of bumps

Radiation of the Turtle Angloka Turtle

These two types

The bump you said is due to the lack of sunlight and calcium

Guangxi's water turtle

Turtle breeding methods most of the turtles are tamed, any food can be accepted, from food comes from food, from food comes from food. See, it is a pet that is easy to raise. But the turtles are the same, and they need to make sun baths. In addition, the turtle's body shape is close to the circular shape, the weight is much more than the outside, and the amount of exercise is very large. The average cage often has a tendency to be too narrow. Compared with other reptiles, it can be said to be more troublesome. 1. Although food is eaten by any food in turtles, foods with cheap and low nutritional value have been feeded, which may cause nutritional disorders and must be careful. Turtles need a large amount of calcium and should feed foods containing a large amount of calcium. Recently, the market -specific turtle -specific feed is launched on the market, which can be eaten with confidence. In addition, carp feed and dog food are also very appropriate foods. Occasionally fed some fresh foods such as fish, snake meat, mice and other fresh foods, which will be able to win the love of turtles. Feeding fish and slices can cause malnutrition and need to add water -soluble nutrients. The above -mentioned foods that provide turtles that often inhabit the water. For example, turtles such as turtles do not fall into water and love plant foods, which are not suitable for artificial feed feeding. Generally, vegetables such as leafy vegetables, cabbage, carrots, etc. are used to feed with nutrients. It can be fed with the feed of Nine Official Birds. 2. The cage water -type turtle can be raised with a container that can be loaded with water sinks. The actual volume of the turtles is larger than it looks and the amount of exercise is very large, so a large cage requires a large cage. On average, the sink with a side length of 60 cm is still too small, and it is best to use the storage box of clothes to raise. 3. Other turtles do not illuminate UV rays, and they are also unable to use calcium. Compared with lizards, the facilities that prevent turtles from escape are relatively simple. As long as you do a good job of resting water facilities and cool places, it is not easy to occur in heatstroke, and the way to make sun baths is relatively simple. If the turtles are insufficient in calcium, the turtle shells can easily become soft; vitamin A is insufficient, and the eyes may become white. When the above phenomenon occurs, in addition to the problem of insufficient vitamin A and calcium, it may also involve long -term feeding low -nutrition foods and insufficient ultraviolet rays. It may be errors in the feeding method. It is necessary to provide nutritional balanced foods, and use solar lights to implement sun baths to completely change the breeding environment. Aquatic turtles raised by common diseases of the aquatic turtles in common diseases may have ulcers in the shell. Although they are all lesions of the crustacean, due to different symptoms, the types of pathogenic bacteria are different. Gram -negative bacteria.

If you have the financial ability, it is recommended that you buy Angloa Turtles. This kind of turtle is born like table tennis.It's a fitness ball.

4. Novice wants to raise a turtle turtle and don't want to raise anything. Herman can grow to the big basin.
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Heman is less than that, up to 20, up to 20centimeter.
But Herman is indeed a good choice for novices.
If you want to be big, you can choose red legs.

Heman's turtle is a very good land turtle.It can be kept in summer, but it is necessary to drink water for the water basin, and there must be evasion to avoid excessive temperature.In autumn and winter, you cannot be raised. It is placed in a box in the room, equipped with heating lights and UVB.Essence

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It can indeed grow as big as the washbasin, but you can't support it for so long.EssenceEssence


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