Can I eat 鲽 during pregnancy?What is better to eat for pregnancy

Pregnant (713) 2022-08-05 10:42:47

The living standards are continuously improved, and everyone attaches great importance to their own maintenance, especially when pregnant women's diet will make great adjustments. Although I usually eat it often, I am particularly worried after pregnancy. Can I continue to eat after pregnancy?

The body is oval, ovate or diamond -shaped, flat side, short and tall tail handle. The edge of the bone of the front gill cover is free. The eyes of adult fish are located on the right side of the head. The upper and lower jaws have teeth, which are conical, incisor, or fluffy. On one side of the eyes is row or round, or degenerate is bone -shaped; brown or gray -brown, some scattered spots or patterns. The eyeless side is round scales, scales, or smooth scales.

Can eat. The catfish is rich in nutrition. If pregnant women are not allergic, they can be eaten in moderation. But because fish may be rich in heavy metal elements, do not eat too much.

Women will consider more children no matter what they do after pregnancy. The above is an introduction to whether they can eat during pregnancy, so that pregnant women can ensure the balance of dietary nutrition during pregnancy.


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