"Table Story" makes children more sensible

educate (311) 2022-06-25 19:54:15

When a family dinner, telling the "family story" on the table is conducive to cultivating children's self -confidence and self -esteem, and allows them to get along with their peers. If you discuss some negative events with your children at this time, it will give them stronger self -control and have good adaptability in the face of adversity.

The "Family Reference Plan" led by Professor MarshallDuke, MarshallDuke, used three years to study 40 families, and each family had a teenager 9 to 12. Researchers recorded the conversation between these families with tapes and asked them to answer some questions to help judge the impact of family functions on children's personality. Researchers said: "We pay special attention to the transition process of entering adolescence, because this period is particularly important for the formation of personality and self -concept during this period."

Researchers analyzed the conventional mutual relationships on the table, and involved in the conversation involved in the conversation. Topics of topics. They noticed that when every family was dining, the conversation was asked by the parents about the child's situation at school that day. Finally, the topic often turns to "distant events", such as weekend travel plans, or visiting grandma's house.

Professor Duke analyzed the conclusion: In addition to what parents say, the joint discussion of parents and children is also important. The psychological growth of children is beneficial to their parents when they listen to them.

What impressed researchers was that in the family story and family history, it contains things that are very important for children's growth, such as telling them where their grandparents grow up and how to meet. In addition, discuss negative events frankly with children, such as the death of loved ones, which is conducive to cultivating their good adaptability. Therefore, do not specifically avoid telling children negative events. At this time, do not pretend that they do not exist. In fact, they can learn from middle school how to deal with the inevitable ups and downs in life.

As many parents are busy at work, fewer and fewer opportunities for family dining meals. Professor Du Ke was worried that this would lose a good opportunity to cultivate your child's healthy personality. He said: "The opportunity for the whole family to eat together should be sacred."


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