The cause of the baby's menstruation after giving birth is abnormal

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As a mother, we feel very proud. From the moment the child was born, we felt that everything was worth it, but some women suddenly began to have symptoms of abnormal menstruation after giving birth. Children, so this phenomenon rarely happens, so in the face of this sudden symptom, many people do not know what is going on, and do not know how to face it, so let's take a look at the abnormal menstruation after giving birth to the baby. What are the reasons?

The duration of the menstrual period varies from person to person, generally 2 to 7 days, most of which are 3 to 5 days. The amount of menstruation varies from person to person. Under normal circumstances, menstrual periods last more than a week. It is clinically called a clinical manifestation of irregular menstruation. There are many causes of irregular menstruation, such as certain systemic diseases, uterine diseases, uterine dysplasia, ovarian diseases, some gynecological inflammation, gynecological tumors, cysts, cervical lesions, endometriosis, muscle adenia, muscle adenia It can also cause the menstrual period to be extended, and the clinical manifestations of unclean streaming. In -palace's in -palace's unwell or incorrect gynecological medication can also cause menstrual irregularities.

There are two types of causes of irregular menstruation: 1. Causes of nerve endocrine dysfunction 2. Caused by organic lesions or drugs. In addition, problems such as excessive stress, environmental changes, and malnutrition can also cause irregular menstruation. Generally, the menstrual cycle is inaccurate, advanced, backward, non -periodic, too long, too small, too little, purple and dark red, thick or thin menstrual blood, etc., collectively referred to as irregular menstruation. Clinically diagnosing menstrual diseases of neuromuscular endocrine dysfunction must be ruled out for various utensils. Only after careful examination can the cause of irregular menstruation, such as checking whether the ovary, uterus is normal, whether hormone secretion is normal, etc., check the corresponding treatment before checking.

Maternal menopause and irregularity during breastfeeding are normal. Menstruation will return to normal after weaning. This takes a long time. Because the menstrual period is abnormal before, it is recommended to extend the breastfeeding period as much as possible so that the body has a longer recovery period. Now, it is best not to take medicine to regulate menstruation. It is possible that menstruation during breastfeeding will gradually return to normal.

Eat more high -fiber foods. Slute vegetables and fruits all -wheat bread brown rice oats and other foods contain more fiber, which can promote emotional hormone excretion, increase the content of magnesium in the blood, adjust menstruation and sedative nerves Function. Eat some walnuts, cashews, dried beans and other foods rich in vitamin B groups. Take enough protein. Eat more meat, eggs, tofu, soybeans and other high protein foods such as lunch and dinner. The nutrients of the stream, minerals. Timing quantitative. Avoid blood sugar from rising, decreased, reducing heartbeat acceleration, dizziness, fatigue, emotional instability, etc. Increase anxiety, uneasy emotions; you can drink barley tea, mint tea. Avoid eating too hot, too ice warmFoods with too much change. 3. Pay attention to keep warm during menstruation to avoid cold, so as not to reduce resistance and cause menstrual disorders. In addition to this, avoid swimming, cold water baths, pots and severe exercise, and fully rest.And sleep, and keep in a happy mood.

There are many reasons why the menstruation suddenly becomes abnormal after giving birth, but many people are normal because some hormones have not recovered at this time.It is normal, so these symptoms can be caused, of course, it is not ruled out that it is caused by abnormal reasons, so according to these reasons to give yourself the symptoms of the symptoms, so as to effectively control this symptom.Adjust your mood.


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