The difference between Hetian jade and Saitama

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For the majority of jade friends, the difference between Hetian Yu and Saitama is a topic that everyone is more concerned about. The following will be introduced in detail for everyone. At present, Hetian Yu is mainly produced in Xinjiang, while Saitama is produced in Xiuyan County, Liaoning Province. In contrast, Hetian jade density and hardness are higher than jade. At the same time, the inside of the Yutian jade is a cloud -like texture, and the jade is a cloud -like structure.

1. Origin

The origin of Hetian Yu and Saitama is different. Generally, Hetian jade is mainly produced in Xinjiang, while Saitama is mainly produced in Xiuyan County, Liaoning Province. Although Hetian jade and sapphire are high -end jade, Hetian jade cognition is much higher than that of jade, and jade is generally better than Saitama.

2. Density

The composition of Hetian jade and sauce minerals is different, resulting in certain differences in density and hardness. Generally Jade is sinking than Saitama. In addition, when drawing jade noodles with a knife, the surface of the jade jade will leave obvious scratches, while Hetian jade will not be.

3. Structure

When observing the internal structure of the Hetian jade and sacrum, Hetian jade has a cloud flocculent texture, and the particles are distributed very uniform, and a small part will appear cotton. Most of the inside of the jade jade is a cloud -like structure. The size of the particles is different, and the distribution is not uniform, but the transparentness of the jade is better than that of Hetian jade.

Don't go away, we will introduce to everyone: and the difference between the jade and Hetian jade and the characteristics of Hetian jade. Through our introduction, I believe that everyone has different differences in Hetian Yu and Saitama. In -depth understanding, it will be updated continuously. I like we remember to collect it and share it by the way.


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