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Radish and vegetable leaves are a very distinctive vegetable. They can not only be eaten fresh, but also hot with hot water and soak them after soaking. Or dried vegetables and so on.

How to make white radish leaves well -delicious radish leaf practice Daquan_ Recipes_第1张

The method of stir -fried meat in white radish: radish, pork, color tensor, salt, raw soy sauce, chopped pepper, sugar

Method: [ 123]
1. Cut the radish, marinate with salt for a long time or a day, get out of the water, and then drain the water.

2. Pour in the hot pot, pour the fat first, and fry the oil in low heat. Pour in the thin meat shreds and stir -fry until the discoloration.

3. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, pour in the radish, stir -fry, add chopped pepper, soy sauce, sugar, stir -fry and taste.

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The delicious method of white radish leaves: radish leaves, garlic, pepper powder, oil, salt, water

] 1. When choosing radish leaves, pay attention, you can not eat yellow leaves or rotten. Choose a full -color and fresh radish leaves. Soak for half an hour.

2. Put off the small radish roots below, remove debris such as yellow leaves, and rinse again.

3. Wash the pan and boil a pot to boil water. Without too much water, the water must be boiled.

4. After the water is boiled, put it in the washed radish leaves, simmer the water, and drain it.

5. Dry the water, which is very important. Then chopped it and prepare garlic grains for later use. Those who like spicy can add a small amount of pepper powder to taste better. How to make white radish leaves well -delicious radish leaf practice Daquan_ Recipes_第3张
6. Boil the pot, refuel, first add garlic grains and oil, add salt, stir fry.

7. Add the cut -cut radish leaves for about three minutes. Taste salty, and those who like thicken taste will add a little flavoring feasting and the like.

8. When you enter the disk, when you eat or below, or when you eat steamed buns, taste a good taste, very delicious, very appetizing. But radish leaves are cold dishes, and it is not advisable to eat more.

The effect and role of radish leaves 1. Radish leaves can relieve constipation How to make white radish leaves well -delicious radish leaf practice Daquan_ Recipes_第4张
radish leaves are a high nutritional value, it contains a lot of fiber Vegetables can promote the gastrointestinal movement of the human body, which can accelerate the discharge of garbage in the human body. Frequent consumption can play a role in moisturizing the intestines, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of bad symptoms such as constipation and dry stool.

2. Radish leaves can nourish the skin

How much to radish leavesPlanting vitamins and minerals have a good nourishing effect on human skin, especially vitamin C and vitamin B it contained in it, which can speed up skin cell metabolism and regeneration, and reduce the damage of bacteria to skin cells. Therefore Leaf can make people's skin tender and smooth.

3. Radish leaves can help digestion

Radish leaves can also eliminate food and qi. It tastes slightly sorrowful and has a faint bitter taste. It is a good relief effect with indigestion. In addition, radish leaves also contain a certain amount of molybdenum. This substance has great benefits to human eyes. After the body absorption, the human body can reduce the occurrence of myopia and old flowers.

The nutritional value of radish vegetables white radish leaves are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and other vitamins, especially the content of vitamin C is more than 4 times the rhizome. Vitamin C can prevent the aging of the skin, prevent the formation of black stains, and keep the skin white and tender. In addition, both vitamin A and vitamin C have antioxidant effects, which can effectively inhibit cancer, and can also prevent aging and arteriosclerosis. In addition to vitamins, the content of dietary fiber in white radish is very considerable, especially the plant fiber contained in the leaves is richer. These plant fibers can promote gastrointestinal motility, eliminate constipation, and play a role in detoxifying, thereby improving the skin rough and acne. How to make white radish leaves well -delicious radish leaf practice Daquan_ Recipes_第5张
Not only the root effect of white radish is endless, but its leaves are more amazing. It is also called beautiful vegetables in Taiwan. Radish leaves contain a lot of u0026 beta; Milligram is 4 times the same amount of 55 mg of spinach; the content of vitamin C is more than 10 times the same amount of lemon; vitamin B1 is 60%more than the same amount of tempeh; vitamin B2 is twice the same amount of beef. From the above data, it can be seen that the nutritional value of radish leaves is very amazing. Unfortunately, it is generally rarely used. It is used as a garbage and then recycled the earth, which has disappointed the creator's beauty.

Some of the above -mentioned white radish leaves are mostly some eating methods when the radish leaves are fresh. After processing, the radish and vegetable leaves have a unique flavor. It is other. Vegetables cannot be comparable. In short, radish vegetables are a very high plastic vegetable. How to make white radish leaves well -delicious radish leaf practice Daquan_ Recipes_第6张


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