Why is Hongguo Golden Silk Tao called Red Bean?

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1. What is the name of this red bean -like plant? The flower shop said it was red beans.
Red beans, also known as Acacia beans, are actually Fire Dragon Ball

Red Fruit Golden Silk Tao

It should be ornamental peppers.

Mysterious fruit? Maybe it is
2. In addition to the red roses in this bouquet, what is the flower called Doudou in it? Ask the great god to advice. ...
Red Fruit Golden Silk Tao

Mark color peppers. Essence Essence
紅果金絲桃,園藝栽培品種[1],屬于被子植物門雙子葉植物綱山茶目藤黃Caijin silk peaches. Scientific name: Hypericum × Inodorum 'Excellent Flair' [2]

Chinese scientific name
Red Fruit Golden Silk Tao
Latin name
hypericum? Inodorum? 'Excellent Flair'


4. What is this plant with red fruit?
The fruits of Golden Peach Hypericum are made of fresh cut flowers. Introduction to the Effect of Golden Silk Fruit]: Golden Silk Fruit ("Hunan Pharmaceuticals") [Source] is the fruit of the Fujin Yaobee plant, and the plant shape is detailed. [Sexual flavor] Gan. [Function Indications-The Efficacy of Golden Silk Peach Fruit] Cure lung disease, pertussis. [Selected prescription] ① Treatment of lung disease: three money of golden silk peaches, three money of Ophiopogon, one money for Ejiao, three money. Decoction. ② Treatment of pertussis: golden silk peach fruit, rough golden cocktail, wood osmanthus flowers, slurry grass, wood thief, snakeberry, etc. Decoction.

Volume twelve volumes and twelve volumes are relatively popular succulents in recent years. They have many varieties, different shapes, small and exquisite plant -shaped, beautiful and elegant, and are very suitable for personal cultivation and viewing. Among the many twelve volumes, there are twelve volumes and crystal palms suitable for ordinary family cultivation, which are used to decorate several cases, desks, computer desks, window sills, etc. The effect is unique. Jade fan, Vientiane and other varieties. The twelve volumes are the general names of Lily and twelve volumes of succulents. There are about 150 varieties. In addition, there are many gardening varieties, hybrids, variants, and excellent species. The common feature is that the plants are short, single or clustered. Most of the leaves are arranged in a lotus seat, and there are two rows of stacked or spiral -shaped arranged into cylindrical shapes. Topic inflorescence, small white green. Twelve volumes can be divided into two categories: soft leaf system and hard leaf system according to the different leaf quality. Soft leaves: The leaves are soft, the leaves are short and fat, and the top is usually thick or interceptable. It has a transparent or translucent "window" and has obvious pulse lines. The light can pass through the "window"Enter the plant body for photosynthesis. Such as the twelve volumes of Mao Han, green jade fan, green crab, static drum, silver life, Jingzhijin, etc. Most of the twelve volumes of succulent plants are native to South Africa. They are warm and dry environments. They are resistant to drought and are afraid of waterlogging. Taboch the sun, otherwise it will cause ugly burns on the leaf surface. The leaves are dull and lustrous, the leaf tip is dry, and too shaded will cause the plant to grow long, resulting in loose plant shapes. The leaves are not tightly arranged. The demented by the window on the top of the face is reduced, and the warts on the leaves of the hard leaves are not significant, which is not conducive to viewing. These two are the types of twelve volumes. Twelve volumes are neither cold -resistant nor cold. The main growth period is in the spring and autumn seasons. Watering can be "not dry without watering, and pouring through" to avoid potting soil soil soil to avoid potting soil soil soil soil. Prices, otherwise it will cause rotten roots, but the potting soil cannot be dehydrated for a long time, so as not to be full of leaves. The air humidity in the cultivation can be slightly larger, so that the leaves cultivated in this way are fresh and moisturized, and they have a good appearance. Therefore, they can spray water at the plant when the air is dry. The beverage bottle or glass cover the plant, or put the flower pot in a closed glass fish tank for maintenance. The effect is also very good, but if the experienced enthusiasts are improperly watered, it will cause rotten roots, rotten leaves, and even whole whole. The plant rot. The varieties that grow rapidly during growth are applied every 15 days to apply rotten thin liquid or compound fertilizers, while the slow -growing varieties apply fertilizer once a month. For varieties with particularly slow growth, you can not fertilize. Slow -effective fertilizer can meet the needs of plant growth. The plant is in a semi -dormant state during high temperature in summer. Although the growth has not completely stopped, it is very slow. You can put the flower pots in a ventilated and cool place to avoid direct light radiation, do not fertilize, do not pour too much water, maintain pot soil, but it can not be maintained. Dry dry. If the plants with glass and beverage bottles should be removed for ventilation, so as not to cause the plant to rot due to stuffy and humidity. If the minimum temperature in winter is not less than 12 ° C, the plant can continue to grow, watering should be watered normally, and thin fertilizer should be applied as appropriate. If you can't maintain such a high temperature, you must control watering, stop fertilization, make the plant dormant, and resist the low temperature of 5 ° C. Once spring or autumn, the pot soil should be loose, fertile, good drainage, a certain granularity, and containing a moderate amount of limesty -littric soil. It can be mixed with rotten leaf soil or grassy soil with coarse sand or vermiculite. Because its root system will secrete acidic substances, a small amount of calcium materials such as bone meal can be mixed with calcium materials in the soil for neutralization. When turning the basin, remove the rotten roots, hollow roots, and brown roots of no life, retain the vitality yellow and white roots. Do not pour water in the new potted plants too much, and can spray water frequently to promote the recovery of the root system. The reproduction of the twelve volumes can be combined with the basin of the basin. It can also be removed and planting the young plants and suction buds germinated by the old strains in the growth season, which is easy to survive. You can also take a strong and complete meat leaf, dry for a few days, wait for the wound to dry, keep the soil slightly humid after inserting, the base will grow new roots, and the new buds will be germinate. Nutrition is exhaustedAfter that, you can transplant.For the high varieties such as green pupils, it can also be cut into several sections. Cuttings are made after a few days of drying, which is also easy to survive.For some precious varieties, consciously pollination can be artificially pollinated, hybridized breeding, and the fruit is used after the fruit matures, and the seeds are sowed. After the seedlings are emergedWhen growing up, it becomes a good product.In addition, some people use organizational training to reproduce a large number of high -end varieties, and ordinary enthusiasts can afford it.


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