Worm map in the flower pot

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This is a cockroach, not plant insect pests.Cockroaches are family pests that come out day and night. Most of the cockroaches during the day are hidden in the corner of the kitchen. In the gap between the cupboard, the four activities at night are found to find food.It is difficult to completely eradicate.
Cockroaches are omnivorous insects, and the types of food are very extensive.All kinds of foods, including bread, rice, pastries, cooked foods, fruits and beverages, etc., especially food -made foods that are delicious, sweet, and oil.The tide of love is an important habit of cockroaches. The kitchen is the most severe place to infringe. It belongs to indoor pests and spreads the disease; it is the first of the new u0026 quot; four harms u0026 quot;
Prevention and control method

1. Keep the room clean and eliminate all the possible environments where cockroaches may exist.
2. If cockroaches are found indoors, places where cockroaches are often gone, and drugs that seduce cockroaches.Thus killing cockroaches and preventing a lot of reproduction.
3. Use a mixture of small cucumbers, laurel trees or chrysanthemum petals, and sprinkle it every week in where the cockroaches are out of the cockroach, which can eliminate the little cockroaches that have just hatched.


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