What should I do if the leaf is yellow after the gardenia is changed?

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It is inevitable to change the yellow leaves to change the root of the pot. Do not see the strong light indoors during the recovery period of the root system. Watering should wait for the surface of the pot soil to dry and then pour water. Until the new leaves are long, it will be maintained normally.
Gardenia flower breeding skills:
1. Soil: Gardenia flower is an indicator plant of acidic soil. Therefore, the slightly acidic environment of soil is the key to determining the growth of gardenia. 70 % of the red soil red soil with slightly acidic sand and 30 % of the rotten leaves are mixed. It is advisable to control the pH value of the soil between 4.0-6.5.
Is the soil acidity biased? It is advisable to adjust the pH between 4.0-6.5 with sulfate. Essence Use acidic fertilizers as much as possible. It is also good to add sulfate to the home after fermentation of rice water at home. The pharmacy buys a pH test strip (2 yuan, can be used for a long time) to test the acidity of the rice water and the sulfate of sulfate, and then the flowers (diluted per week to water the water) Water acidity, as a basis for detection.
Gardenia is a fertilizer plant. After entering April of the peak growth season, we can learn every half a month (it is best to mix more water when fertilizing to prevent burning flowers). This can not only meet the demand for fertilizer in gardenia, but also maintain a relatively balanced slightly sour environment in the soil environment to prevent the occurrence of yellowing disease.

2. Temperature: The best growth temperature of gardenia flowers is 16 ° C-18 ° C. The temperature is too low and the sun is direct. It is extremely unfavorable to its growth. Therefore, in the summer, gardenia should be placed in sparse forests or under -lighting of good air ventilation, large air humidity and transmitting. In winter, it is placed in an environment where the sunlight and the temperature is not lower than 0 ° C. It will make it dormant. Excessive temperature will affect blooming in the coming year.

3. Water: Gardenia flowers are moist in air, and watering should be increased in moderation during the growth period. Usually the pot soil can be watered, and it is poured at a time. Summer is hot and sprayed 2-3 times a day to increase the humidity of the air and help the plant to cool down. However, after the buds of the flowers, the watering should not be too much, so as not to cause the bud. Watering in winter is better to prevent the water from rotting the roots.
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