Spring health should start from five aspects

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Spring is the beginning of Vientiane update. Nature is a vibrant and prosperous scene. Spring health should pay more attention to all aspects of health, living, diet, etc., and should also obey the characteristics of spring yang and the beginning of all things. The gentle sunshine, warm breeze, bathing in spring feels full of vitality. Experts point out that in the aspects of spirituality, living, diet, etc., spring health must conform to the characteristics of the spring yang, and the characteristics of all things will be protected. Pay attention to protecting yang, focusing on a u0026 ldquo; u0026 rdquo;

A spiritual health: You need to be open -minded

In terms of mental health, spring is wood and corresponds to the liver. The liver is leaked, evil depression and rejuvenation. Therefore, in the spring of health, avoid depression, you need to be open -minded, optimistic and happy. In the spring of spring, wind and sunny spring, you should ask the youlter, climb the flowers, enjoy the water, sing and dance the style, cultivate your spirit, and make your spiritual sentiments adapt to the nature of the spring. With the opportunity of Li Chunyang.

B lives and support: you can sleep late and get up late

In terms of living and recuperation, spring returns to the earth, the human yang began to tend to watch, the skin's ravioli gradually stretched, the supply of muscle qi and blood supply to supply qi and blood supply Increased the limbs, and my body was sleepy, so there was u0026 ldquo; Spring Sleeping unknown u0026 rdquo; Many people are often three feet high, but they have not disappeared. Experts say that sleeping laziness is not conducive to yang qi, so in terms of living, it is necessary to follow the theory of "Four Qi of the Inner Sutra": u0026 ldquo; lying on the night u0026 rdquo; Sleeping left and right to sleep at about 11 o'clock, and get up early in the morning, which can help Yang Qi rise.

C's clothing: still need u0026 ldquo; spring cover u0026 rdquo;

In terms of clothing, pay attention to u0026 ldquo; spring cover u0026 rdquo;. In the early spring season, it is warm and cold. It is when the northwest wind and the southeast wind alternate each other. The folks in our country emphasize u0026 ldquo; spring cover u0026 rdquo;, when the weather gradually becomes warmer, do not take off the winter clothes too early or eagerly. This is because people have just passed the u0026 ldquo; Winter Tibet u0026 rdquo; in the stage, the metabolic function and disease resistance ability is relatively low. At the same time, the human body's ability to strain the climate change is relatively low. Therefore, it emphasizes u0026 ldquo; Spring cover u0026 rdquo; It is to make the human body from being attacked by spring cold and gradually adapt to the new climate. u0026 ldquo; In "Thousands of Gold", I advocated that in the spring, clothing u0026 lsquo; u0026 rdquo; Expert suggestions.

D Sports Health: Great Time of Outdoor Exercise

In terms of sports health, according to the u0026 u0026


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