The most effective swimming weight loss method

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In summer, many women who love water will put swimwear into the water, and many women choose to swim to lose weight in summer. So why can swimming in summer lose weight? How can swimming can have a better weight loss effect? Presumably a lot of weight loss people want to know the answer. The following editors will explain to you how to lose weight is the most effective.

Why swimming can lose weight:

During swimming, because the density and heat transfer of water are larger than air, it consumes more energy than on the land. The supply of these energy depends on the sugar and fat in the body. Swimming often can gradually remove excessive fat in the body without obese. Therefore, swimming is one of the effective ways to reduce weight.

Sunlight and air are also the main factor that makes people healthy and beautiful during swimming. Proper sunlight can move a certain sterol in the skin to vitamin D. Fully vitamin D can be added to the normal growth and development of the bones to prevent cartilage disease. Sunlight can also increase people's resistance to disease, strong blood sterilization, increase metabolism, and increase sleep. Fresh air can inspire people's spirit and energy.

The fastest and effective swimming weight loss method

Swimming can avoid motion damage of lower limbs and waist. When performing weight loss on land, the body (especially the lower limbs and waist) should bear a large gravity load, reduce exercise capabilities, easily reduce the interest of weight loss, and damage the lower limbs in the body (especially the lower limbs and waist). Joint and bones. The swimming items are carried out in water. A considerable part of the weight of the obese is tolerated by the water of the water, and the lower limbs and waist will be much easier, and the risk of joints and bones will be greatly reduced.

During swimming, the buoyancy, resistance and pressure of water are an excellent massage for the human body, which can also play a beauty effect on the skin. For those who are thinner, swimming can increase weight. This is due to the result of swimming in muscle exercise, which increases the volume and weight of the muscles. Can let everyone have a smooth line. It can be seen that swimming is a very good way to exercise.

Female swimming weight loss taboos:

1. Avoid swimming before and after meals
Anti -stomach swimming affects appetite and digestion, and accidents such as dizziness during swimming Situation; Swimming can also affect digestive function, and also cause stomach cramps, even vomiting and abdominal pain.

2. Swimming after the drama

Swimming immediately after strenuous exercise will increase the burden on the heart; the sharp decline in body temperature will cause weakening resistance, causing colds and laryngitis.

3. Avoid menstrual swimming

During menstruation, the women's reproductive system has weak resistance. Swimming easily makes germs enter the uterus, fallopian tube, etc., causing infection.


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