Why can't I reduce exercise every day?

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Why do I exercise every day, but fat can't be reduced? The reason is simple: all you do is aerobic exercise, the calories consumed are not provided by fat, but from sugar in the food.

Many people who want to lose weight have made a big mistake, thinking that as long as I exercise, I can consume fat. In fact, fat is the energy of the human body, like the deposit in the bank; and the sugar in the food; It's like the cash in the wallet. If you spend money every day, you will definitely take it from the wallet first, which is convenient and fast. In the same way, people will use sugar to supply energy priority during exercise. Only when continuous exercise reaches 20 minutes, fat will slowly participate. This is why aerobic exercise must be done for more than 20 minutes in a row.

Many people insist on exercising to lose weight every day, but they do not do aerobic exercise, just consume the sugar in the body, and feel hungry after finishing. And fats have not participated from beginning to end. The advantage of doing this is that the body will become healthier, and the disadvantage is that your physique will be able to carry it, and the difficulty of weight loss will increase in the future.
Weight loss is not fast, and the weight loss is fast. It is the best way to find a method that suits you and is easier to adhere to it. Unconsciously, you will lose weight and it is not easy to rebound. I tell you the method I have always insisted.

Eat less and exercise less, don't be lazy, because laziness is one of the reasons for obesity directly. Try to eat more vegetables and white meat, do not eat fried and greasy things, and do housework, you will find that you are slowly thinning, your skin will also become better. These are my weight loss for many years. I have lost a lot of experience. I hope you can lose weight too. Weight loss is a long -term war. We must defeat yourself and have perseverance! If you are willing to exercise, with skipping rope, you will make you unexpected gains. The above are all the ways I have experienced and persisted.

There are several suggestions below to try

] Eat less: Keep your mouth

Eat less, less calories, and naturally you will be affected. At that time, you can't get fat if you want to get fat. The more popular weight loss methods mentioned above belong to this category to apple weight loss, vegetable and fruit method, etc. Low calories will make you down, but the calories you consume must meet the needs of your body's metabolism.

Needless to say, it is very effective

Disadvantages: Excessive intake of calories will cause physical function to decline. Women may even have endocrine disorders,

Avoiding method: Remember not to eat less, don't remember, don't be too aggrieved for your good figure.

2. Moving a good habit of developing exercise

The benefits of sports, I don't need to say more, Can promote metabolism, exercise all aspects, the most heavierWhat you want is to help you consume a lot of calories

Benefits: Good exercise habits can make you keep a slim and beautiful figure, don't be afraid to eat more

Disadvantages: Inadequate exercise, so that you can make your body on your body. The fat into the muscles causes the body to deform, destroying the slim body

Avoiding method: for reasonable exercise, not anaerobic exercise

3. Attitude: Attitude Decisions determine Everything

Many people lose weight and defeat repeatedly. The key is that the attitude is not correct, and always gives up quickly. In fact, as long as you insist on picking up, you can succeed, so you must persist during the weight loss process. As long as you think of a slim figure, you will be motivated.

Benefits: Inspiring the spirit, eliminating spiritual depression, and cultivating the spirit of self -discipline. S

Disadvantages: This method is only auxiliary method, and it cannot play a decisive role. Generally, it needs to be matched with the means of diet, exercise, and the effect to appear.

I believe that as long as you insist on doing these three aspects, weight loss is a very easy thing. This is the most effective method of weight loss in our eyes.


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