Do you eat supper to lose weight?

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Many people think that eating supper is fat. In fact, eating supper is not necessarily fatter. It depends on what you eat for supper. If you have the skills to eat supper, you will not only lose weight but also lose weight. Whether you can lose weight for supper. This makes many people think that some people say that eating supper at night will hurt the body. , But some people think that the supper night can only be capable, so let's take a look at the supper to lose weight?

1. After dinner three hours before bedtime

After the food enters the human body, the side sex nerve will become activated so that the stomach can move under the condition of relaxation. Therefore, if we can still use the condition of the side of the side to let the body completely relax into sleep, we can improve our sleep quality. It is recommended to eat dinner three hours before bedtime. When we enter a deep sleep state, the brain secretes lean body (not hunger) and growth hormone (decompose fat). Both of these hormones can help lose weight.

2. The disadvantages of eating too early dinner

Dinner must be eaten early. If you eat too late, you will not digest the gastrointestinal and stomach, accumulate heat in the body, which is not good for your body. In fact, from the perspective of autonomous nerve operation models, this statement is wrong. Only when the body is relaxed and resting, can the maximum efficacy and the stomach digest food can be used to digest food. This is why it is most suitable for digestive food during sleep. In addition, dinner time should be adjusted with personal schedule instead of eating dinner early, and then eating more supper, which will cause a burden on the body.

3. Dinner should increase protein intake

Most people think that obesity is eaten, but you may not know that weight loss can also be achieved by eating. During dinner every day, increased protein intake, because it can help the body grow muscles and increase fat. A small amount of protein plus carbohydrates will produce piginic acid after action. This substance can improve sleep quality after entering the brain, and better sleep is the first step in the success of weight loss.

4. Occasionally, it is okay to eat supper

I ca n’t eat it if I want to eat supper. This is the voice of most weight -loss people. However, this mental state will actually strengthen the needs we want to eat, which leads to more calories. Therefore, as long as you eat the right night, an appropriate amount of eating can help improve the effectiveness of weight loss, but this is not to say that you can eat and drink unlimitedly.不想讓消夜成為減肥負擔的第一要件,就是將消夜納入全日的熱量計算中;此外,消夜的熱量應該盡量控制在三百大卡以內,因為消夜是用來安慰與助眠之用,而不是Let you eat!

The above is the introduction of eating supper to lose weight. I believe everyone knows that as long as you eat the right method, you can not lose weight, but you can lose weight. If you often eat supper, the phenomenon of getting fat in your body is very powerful, and you eat at nightIf supper may also bring a lot of unnecessary harm to themselves, everyone must not eat supper at night.


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