What are the dangers of eating and having to lose weight

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As the society develops better and better, the topic of weight loss has not been reduced to everyone. That is, because life is getting better and better, various ways to lose weight have come out. It is because everyone loves beauty, so after knowing some ways to lose weight, it is no matter whether it is harmful to their bodies. Now I will introduce to you what harm is it to eat and lose weight?

Harm of vomiting weight loss: Remove vomiting and weight loss can lead to esophageal burns. Some girls who lose weight have caused a lot of stress, but they must keep their bodies. Therefore, after eating, they dig their throats with their hands and spit out the food from the stomach. According to the doctor, the food and stomach acid in the stomach are spit out when the vomiting is spitting out.

Stomach acid is a type of strong acid. When strong acid passes through the esophagus, the esophagus will burn. At the same time, strong acids can also cause damage to the vocal cords. If vomiting for a long time, it will even cause gastroesophageal current, which will affect your health. When the esophagus bears a lot of pressure, a small amount of bleeding will occur slightly, and it will be very troublesome once a large amount of bleeding.

Harm of vomiting weight loss: In addition to harm to vocal cords and esophagus, vomiting and weight loss also cause damage to teeth. As a type of stomach acid, it will corrode the teeth and finally cause rotten tooth. In addition, vomiting and weight loss can cause rough skin and yellow face. Therefore, don't try vomiting to lose weight.

Harm of vomiting weight loss: Long -term vomiting and weight loss can cause unstable emotions such as melancholy or bipolar. People who spit out and lose weight are different for ordinary people's pursuit of figure, and they often pursue the effect of paper people. The habit of developing like this for a long time may cause symptoms such as anorexia and greedy symptoms, which will eventually affect physical health.

Harm of vomiting weight loss: According to human physiology and anatomy, the main organ of the human body digestion and absorption is small intestine. The absorption of nutrients is less and can indeed reduce the energy intake of the body. However, the harm caused by active throat vomiting is far greater than its role in controlling the energy intake of the body.

Active deduction of throat vomiting is all nutrients, and what needs to be controlled by weight loss is excessive intake of fat and sugar. Long -term throat buckle will cause malnutrition. The weight loss brought about Essence

There are also many sequelae brought by the throat. In addition to spitting food during vomiting, gastric acid and electrolyte will also be spit out. The strong acidity of the stomach acid is very strong to stimulate the esophagus, which can cause esophageal ulcers. It will also hurt the throat and erode teeth. Spit out the electrolyte will increase the heart load.

Although this is a lot of food foods, they can eat delicious and ensure that the body will not cause obesity because of too much food, but do not want everyone not to do this. Because what is the harm of eating and.Everyone knows that the benefits of getting are not much lost, so it is recommended not to try.


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