What to eat to lose weight quickly

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Losing weight in life has become a very popular topic now. Both men and women want a beautiful figure. It is very important to eat it. If you eat unhealthy body, you will become unhealthy. Obesity, if you eat well, your body will become slim, so you must master the food that eats the healthiest and the best weight loss effect. So what to eat is the fastest to lose weight?

1. Face Champion -Cycnn

A large celery contains about 4 to 5 calories in calories, but chewing it requires 5-8 calories in it It also requires about 5 calories in calories. In this way, the calories needed by digestive (digestive food) celery exceeded the calories it itself, and it is really "more and more thinner"!

Weight loss mechanism:

Celery: There are functions such as flat liver reduction, sedation and sorrow, diuretic swelling, anti -cancer, anti -cancer, nourishing blood and nourishing deficiency, etc. It can help bowel movement, detoxify beauty. However, those with spleen and stomach deficiency, unsteady intestines, and low blood pressure should eat less celery.

Lily: It has the functions of moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, peace of mind, beauty, beauty, anti -cancer, anti -cancer, sweet and cooling, etc. It is a good food therapy material. It is particularly suitable for those with weak lungs, menopausal women, neurasthenia, and irregular sleep, but those who have cold cough, spleen and stomach deficiency, and rough stool should not eat more.

Recommended method -Celery fried lily:


200 grams of celery, 140 grams of fresh lily (dry lily), 10 capsules of wolfberry, and wolfberry, A moderate amount of salt, a small amount of chicken essence, and 2 tablespoons of oil (about 30ml


1. Fresh lilies to old peel and pirates, dismantle and wash (dry lily with water, drain and wait for Use) Celery to remove the old tendons, wash it, cut into slices, soak wolfberry with water, drain it for use.

2. Put the celery in boiling water and simmer it. , Drive and wait.

3, fry the pan, heat, add oil, boil to 50 % heat, add celery to quickly stir fry.
, Fry until lily slightly transparent.

5. Add wolfberry and stir -fry, add salt and chicken essence to taste

Celery is easy to cooked after the water is cooked, so it is easy to cooked lily, so frying is fried, so fried stir -fry Don't be too long, otherwise it is not crispy and tender.

It is recommended to choose fresh lilies in diet.

The above is the introduction of what to eat to lose weight. Eating vegetables and fruits can not only Healthy weight loss, also nutritious for the body. These foods must be exercised while weight loss. Although eating these things can make the body lose weight, but if you do not exercise often, it is easy to rebound even if you lose weight successfully. Said to exercise more.


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