Do you vomit and lose weight after eating?

body beauty (7) 2022-08-07 00:11:01

Many people think that vomiting can lose weight after eating. In fact, this method should not lose weight. When you finish eating, you can not absorb the nutrition in the meals. These are the hope of people who want to lose weight. I will use some methods to lose weight, and the body will not be able to stand it in the long run. If you want to lose weight, you must use a reasonable method to lose weight and lose weight.

The question of "vomiting more" that the subject cares about. Experience shows that "less vomiting" cannot be done at all, the reason is simple, and the stomach is full (this is why many people are disgusted alternately!) I want to reduce the weight by urging vomiting. In principle Sit it out. In fact, if you eat 500 calories, you may desperately pull your throat and can only spit out one -fifth. What should I do? Only eat it again, let the second round of food come out of the first round of residue. The result is likely that you eat 1500 calories, spit out 800 calories, go to bed with satisfaction, and get fatter.

The only way to spitting and lose weight is to vomit! Dry! net! What is clean? The first round of spitting into the stomach was irrigated and then vomited, until the spit out was water, it was equivalent to repeated gastric lavage. The only advantage of doing this is that the weight loss is fast (a lot of gastric juice and water brought out of the vomit). Is it disadvantaged? It causes an electrolyte imbalance (I have a friend's dietary barrier for many years, and there is no one after the toilet. It is not that your legs are shivering), and you died suddenly (there are no stretching, and there are too high skull pressure to stop the cardiac arrest. Imagine whether the girl died in a pile of vomit. )

Third, this method is extremely addictive. My friend described it as "I can't stop it when I vomit", because it is similar to the method of extreme hunger strike. Once I eat it, the weight will be like a rocket. Bounce back.

So a little summary, if the owner wants to learn vomiting and lose weight, the price you need to pay is: the sour flavor of the body forever, after each meal, the sweat of sweat in the toilet is broken, and one breaks are broken. A gong's throat and a rotten teeth, as well as the malformed big face ... Everyone with normal intelligence can see that this is definitely a loss! You have this time to promote vomiting and sweat, and you might as well go to the gym to sweat. Not only will you eat more metabolism, you can eat more things, but also increase the chance of being talked about by handsome guys. Isn't it easier?

The above is the introduction of vomiting weight loss after eating. It turns out that this method is wrong. If you want to use this method to lose weight, you can only keep this. Once you eat it, the weight will rise violently. People who lose weight should pay attention to this method. If you vomit after eating, it is easy to cause damage to your stomach. If it is not because you deliberately let themselves vomit, you must have such symptoms. Not caused by your own stomach disease.


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