What are the tea with effective weight loss

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When we find the characteristics of obesity, we will take measures to lose weight. However, the influence of factors such as human constitution and age will fail to lose weight. After the age, the body obesity will be more serious. Therefore, we must pay attention to the degree of physical obesity. We must use a scientific method to lose weight. If the patient has no time or more energy to lose weight, you can use weight loss tea to lose weight. There are many kinds of tea that effectively lose weight. Woolen cloth?

1. Cassiazi drink

Material: Cassia 6 grams, Masito, green tea, mint 3 grams, malt 3 grams

Efficacy: Cassia seeds and Ako Renjun intestines The laxative effect, green tea removing oil and greasy, mint sparse wind, heat and heat, malt help eliminate flatulence.

Method: Cassia seeds fry them with low heat until the aroma overflows out, waiting for cooling. Put all the medicinal materials in the cup and soak it with 500c.c in water for 3-5 minutes.

Reminder: For those with weak gastrointestinal function and diarrhea easily.

2. Rose honey slimming tea

Materials: 5 roses, 1 spoon of honey, a small piece of lemon, and 500 ml of white water.

Method: After boiling the water, put the roses and stir in black tea, and then put honey and lemon slices.

Efficacy: Mild nature, adjustable qi and blood, detoxifying and greasy, promoting fat consumption, long -term drinking can help blood circulation, promote metabolism, and play a role in slimming and beauty.

Comments: Rose tea is often used by beautiful women for beauty effects, beauty and inflammation and throat. In fact, roses are matched with flower tea, and then honey is added. In addition to the tasteful taste, it can also be used as a thin and thin body tea.

3. Mung bean chrysanthemum thin body tea

Material: 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 30 grams of mung bean paste, 10 grams of lemon, a little honey.

Method: Put the chrysanthemum into the water and boil, put the juice of freshly squeezed lemon juice and mung bean paste in the chrysanthemum water, and then put a little honey to drink.

Efficacy: It can play a role in detoxifying beauty, tightening thick pores and removing acne.

Comment: The mung bean is cool and heat, and adding honey is more suitable for constipation MM drinking. Chrysanthemum is bright, lemon is rich in vitamin C, and the whole material is tailored to the beauty of beauty!

The article introduces three effective weight loss tea. It can be used to lose weight every day. Of course, the effect of weight loss is not significant. Some patients do not even feel the effect of thinness. Patients need to drink tea while drinking tea. Take other weight loss, such as exercise weight loss, including running, rope skipping, etc. The patient's special weight loss plan exercise is also feasible. It will also be more reasonable to cooperate with the diet when weight loss, and the symptoms of weight loss will be more obvious.


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