What kind of tea to drink is fast to lose weight

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In today's society, weight loss has become a trend. Various weight -loss products and weight loss equipment appear in front of people, causing people to spend their eyes when buying, so what tea is fast to lose weight? There is no certain answer to this question, because the role of each kind of tea is different, so we can't comment on it. Let's take a look at what tea to lose weight?

The best applicable person: white -collar workers under 30 years of age often cause excessive calories in the body because of entertainment, diet structure, work pressure and other factors. Constipation and yellowing. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, in addition to the need to eliminate fat and diuresis, clearing heat is also a very critical one. Clearing heat is helpful for restoring normal metabolism. Drinking this Cugeonzi self -made weight loss tea can play a good role in improved conditioning.


1. Cassia: Slightly cold, can reduce blood lipids, lower blood pressure, improve, and improve constipation, then you should often drink Cassia tea. If the body is cold and it is easy to pull diarrhea or stomach pain, it is not recommended to drink cassia tea.

2. Green tea: It is cool, which can play a role in eliminating fat. The Journal of American Nutrition Society confirms that green tea has the effect of weight loss and weight loss, and it also has anti -cancer effects.

Fried tea, matcha, green tea: contain vitamin C, E, amino acids, food fiber, etc., which helps reduce cholesterol, and can help digestion, prevent cancer, and prevent colds.

Pu'er and oolong tea: rich in amino acids and cellulose, in addition to reducing cholesterol and diuretic, it also helps fat decomposition and promotes metabolism.

3. Black tea: help digestion.

If weigh weight, it is best to drink hot tea, without sugar, no milk, or only add sugar. It is best not to drink it immediately after meals, which is more appropriate after 1 hour.

Drinking tea should also be dependent on personal constitution. If you drink tea, you will be uncomfortable. Like stomach pain, or you can't sleep, it is best to stop. However, here I still remind you that the weight loss effect of drinking tea is auxiliary nature. The most important thing is the adjustment of diet and exercise on weekdays to really lose weight. It has obvious effects of tea. , Lishui, phlegm, eliminating food. "Food therapy" said: "Tea is long for a long time, and it is thin to eat." Modern scientific research proves that tea contains an acidic substance that can precipitate fatty acids in food and excrete it from water separation, thereby reducing gastrointestinal burden Essence So when you eat fat food, drink a cup of strong tea, you will feel comfortable in the stomach. Moreover, tea can be eliminated through the elimination of fat. The ancients believed that the reason why tea was able to lose weight was because it could decorate all the stomach and stomach.

The above question of what tea is drinking is fast, we can seeAlthough many tea has a certain weight loss effect, we cannot drink too much, otherwise there will be certain side effects. In addition, it is more important to choose a scientific method for weight loss.Wait for weight loss.


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