What are the tea that helps to lose weight

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Many people encountered such problems when losing weight. It did not take long after weight loss and rebounded, and the weight recovered again, while the symptoms of physical obesity were more obvious. In fact, this was related to the way of weight loss. When choosing to lose weight, it is necessary to combine with the body's situation. Unexpectedly, blind weight loss will endanger the body. Patients can use tea that helps to lose weight, so what are the tea that helps to lose weight?

Tea helping to lose weight include:

1. Hawthorn Yimu Black Tea

required materials: 3 ~ 5 pieces of hawthorn fruit, motherwort 1 money, black tea tea bag 1 One

Production method: Wash the hawthorn fruit and motherwort, peel the small pieces, and then soak the tea bag with 500c.c. water, turn the tea color to red, add the hawthorn and motherwort to cover the cup lid after the lattice and motherwort , Swing for about 5 minutes to drink.

Comment: Motherwort has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, but its own grassy smell is too heavy, and this weight loss and fatty tea is very appropriately matched with fragrance and sweet hawthorn, which can cover the taste of motherwort. Essence This weight loss tea is suitable for drinking a few days before the menstrual period, which can help menstruation smoother. Don't drink it during the period.

2. Chrysanthemum winter melon tea

Materials required: chrysanthemum 15g, dried winter melon skin 10g, dried lotus leaves 5g

Production method: Wash the above materials and put it after putting it after cleaning In the pot, add an appropriate amount of water and cook for 30 minutes.

Comment: This self -made Chinese medicine weight loss tea is refreshing and delicious, with a faint flower fragrance that makes people feel refreshed. Its main effect is clearing heat and discharge, promoting digestion to help us quickly burn excess fat in the body and excrete toxins in the body.

Third, Chenpi Umei Pu'er

Material: Chenpi 3 ~ 5 tablets, 1 black plum, Hangju Pu'er tea bag

Method: Wash Chenpi and Black Mei Mei Chenpi peels small pieces, black plums, cut or flattened, soak the tea bag with 500c.c. boiling water, the tea color turns yellow, and then add the Chenpi and black plums.

Efficacy: Chenpi promotes the digestion of the gastrointestinal tract, helps to stop qi and abdominal pain, relieve abdominal distension, and the plum and Chenpi are acidic.

Reminder: It is not advisable to drink on an empty stomach, and usually has too many gastric acid secretion, which is limited to 1 cup to avoid drinking abdominal pain.

The tea explained in the above article has the effect of weight loss. Patients can drink frequently. Weight loss is a very slow process. It is not advisable to pursue progress or effectively losing weight. The method has side effects, and the side effects of the weight loss will also occur. Patients should choose a healthy weight loss method, and they must be consolidated after weight loss. They can prevent rebound after weight loss through proper exercise and reasonable diet.


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