What kind of tea to drink to lose weight

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Many manufacturers have seized the consumption psychology of the public and knew that most people wanted to lose weight, so they produced a lot of weight loss tea. More and more of weight loss tea was not a good thing for people, because people faced when choosing to face With an important question, I do n’t know what kind of weight loss tea to choose is the best, so that the choice is wrong. Let ’s take a look at what tea to lose weight?

According to practical experience, drinking oolong tea, tea, Puer tea, brick tea and other tight tea, which is more conducive to lipid weight loss. According to some research data in the foreign medical community, Yunnan Puser Tea and Camellia have the functions of weight loss and bodybuilding and prevent cardiovascular disease. Clinical experiments show that: often drinking tea, for people aged 40 to 50, have the effect of significantly reducing weight, and also have different degrees of effectiveness for people of other ages; Glycerin content.

Oolong Tea

It has the effect of clearly decomposing fat. Frequent drinking can help digestion, diuretic, and help to lose weight. Since the autumn of 1979, some countries have set off drinking oolong tea from time to time, especially young women and middle -aged women who are fat. They have high evaluation of oolong tea, with the reputation of "slim tea" and "beauty and healthy medicine". The ethnic minorities in the northwestern region of my country have the saying that "it is better to have three days without food, and no tea can not have tea". Their staple foods such as beef and mutton and milk enzymes are high -fat foods without gaining weight. One of the reasons is related to drinking night brick tea. As for the many weight loss tea appearing on the market, most of them are based on tea, and then with a variety of Chinese herbal medicines such as reasons and mountain planting, they are packaged into bags for tea, which is more convenient to drink.

But its curative effect varies from person to person and has certain adaptability. The fundamental way to lose weight is to strengthen physical exercise, otherwise, the effect of drinking tea is difficult to consolidate.

Oolong tea contains coffee, tea, cocoa, volatile oil, vitamin C, vitamin C, chilin, tannin, etc., which is very beneficial to reducing blood lipids and promoting metabolism. Suitable for people with various obesity.

Shuangwu tea

ingredients: 5 grams of oolong tea, 30 grams of Shouwu, 20 grams of dry hawthorn, 20 grams of winter melon peel.

Method: Boil He Shouwu, Winter melon skin, and hawthorn at the same time until the hawthorn is rotten, and the residue is used to brew the oolong tea with its soup.

Yupan Gourd Tea

Raw materials: 25 grams of oolong tea, 25 grams of dried lotus leaves, 10 grams of Chen gourd, 5 grams of orange peel.

Method: Dry lotus leaves, Chen gourds, and orange peels are all developed into fines and mixed into tea. When you want to drink, you can brew a small amount, and repeatedly brew it until the tea is light.

Qingluo drink

Raw materials: 50 grams of dried lotus leaves, 5 grams of oolong tea, 6 grams of loofah peel, 5 grams of watermelon green coat.

Method: (1) Use gauze to wrap dry lotus leaves, loofah peels, watermelon green coats, and oolong tea. Put them in water and soak and clean them.(2) Put 5 cups of water in the casserole, add gauze bag, boil it in water until the water is boiled, and drink tea.

Most of the tea we drink in life has no weight loss effect. If you want to lose weight, then you should choose a specific weight loss tea to achieve the effect of weight loss.If this question is answered, we can also learn a lot of methods about weight loss. If your weight loss method is not very effective, then you can try the above methods.


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